Try These 3 Things

try these 3 things

For a richer experience of life, Try These 3 Things ……

If you want a richer experience of life, then you need to Try These 3 Things. Start by being aware of how your thoughts, words and actions are contributing to (or working against) your peace of mind and how they contribute to the degree of success that you achieve in life.

If you feel hopeless and you can’t see a brighter future ahead, and if you don’t at least try to visualise that things are going to get better, they won’t ever get any better.

If you speak words that put yourself down all the time, then the energy of doing that begins to compound, and over time it becomes a problem that you no longer have any control of.  Negative thoughts that started out as a small bad habit become mind chatter that you’ll have to put in a huge effort to cease. You’ll lose all confidence in yourself.

If you don’t put in the action required in order to change your circumstances, then nothing is going to change in your life at all. Nothing.

To improve your quality of life you’ve got to:

Choose thoughts that support and uplift you – if you are faced with difficulty and you don’t have the skills to solve the issue, say to yourself that you have a good mind and you will eventually work it out on your own, or that you have the ability to find or attract the right person to help you. Thinking in this uplifting way has just so much power to effect change. As too does thinking in a negative way have to send your life into a chaotic place. The difference being that with uplifting, hopeful, positive thoughts you will move in the direction that you want. That is, rather than in a direction away from where you want to go.

Think before you speak and choose words that build rather than destroy – be wise in your choice of words. Words can either build you or others up or they can destroy you or them. Yours or their efforts and you or their self image. How often have you let someone else’s words destroy your motivation to make changes?

Apply Yourself

Apply concerted action – if you don’t apply concerted action to materialise your goals, you won’t ever see any change in your life. Positive thinking and the law of attraction is only part truth. It won’t work without concerted action. Plus it also doesn’t work if you aren’t centred in your heart when you are seeking to materialise what you want. Not only do you need to take action, but you also must come from a loving place in your heart. When you decide upon what it is you want in your life you need to do this. Or the things that you want won’t ever materialise. No amount of positive thinking will ever allow you to materialise your life in the way that you want if you aren’t heart-centred when you put your request out to the universe.

For example, if you want to improve your relationship:

  • Are you focusing on your partner’s mistakes, or do you also see their good qualities and behaviours as well?  Do you remind yourself to be grateful for the loving things they do for you?
  • Have you considered the ways in which you are causing issues in the relationship? Or, do you blame your partner for everything? Are you a good communicator and do you communicate clearly? Or do you play games and/or expect your partner to interpret your moods or innuendos and figure out what you are trying to say?
  • Do you speak directly, or do you speak in riddles? Is it normal to never really saying exactly what it is you want to say? Do you start your conversations with accusations or do you give your partner a chance to explain?

How much of this are you communicating out loud to your partner?

Too often, we think of all the changes we want but we don’t take the action steps required to initiate change. We don’t say anything and hope the problem will resolve itself. Then resentment builds – ours. Why? Because our partner isn’t changing habits that we want them to change. For them though, they’ve usually misinterpreted the reason for the tension in the air.

Do you know how to relate clearly so you can fully understand your partner’s perspective? Without resisting their words and causing an argument?

Often when we begin to have arguments or fights with our partner, it’s because there’s something that needs clearing. Some aspect of our own growth needs to be addressed and we’re not willing to do it just yet.  So, when you see yourself doing these things, take some time out to figure out the problem. Work out what part of you is standing in the way of your own development. Then set about clearing the obstacle that was causing you to fight with your spouse.

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