Stuart Wilde,  March 2013


The way to eliminate the weight or anguish of your life quickly is to begin to discipline and control the ego. There is no emotional pain that is not ego-driven. We don’t want to eliminate the ego completely. Otherwise we’d be wandering around the house each morning, drinking coffee for hours, saying “Who the hell am I?” We need the ego to sustain a sense of identity.

However, if you’ll start by calling ego’s bluff, and understanding the games it gets you into, you can develop strategies for managing things better. You really don’t need any qualification or high-powered university degree to understand the psychology of the ego’s machinations. Its ways are predictable and easy to understand.

Watch when it suckers you into importance. Stifle it when it seeks more and more gratification. Ignore it when it offers a hundred questions. Answer most of its questions — let it know that you’re not interested and that you just don’t care.

When you experience frustration, look for the vision that’s denied. Look at the time frames you’ve invested that vision with. Develop patience. If you see yourself as an infinite being, you have all eternity. You can wait forever if needs be.

When angry, look for the loss. When you’re sad, also look for the loss — sadness is just another manifestation of the same reaction. It’s OK to be sad sometimes. Just agree to whatever loss is making you sad, then look for freshness and beauty and the life force. Happiness returns in a moment.

Remember, all mental weight comes from the interaction of two or more opposing forces in your mind — your reaction to circumstance, and your opinion or desire. You can fix most of the contradictions by controlling circumstances better and learning not to react when they don’t suit. If you have less resistance, your opinions and desires will be less rigid. You’ll learn to flow through life rather than fight your way along.

Learning to accept the contradictions of life is just a flip of the mind. Train your mind to be less dogmatic by offering it lots of self-imposed contradictions. Throw yourself into the icy lake of realism, don’t let the ego play that cozy, safe, guaranteed game with you. You should never forget that your guarantee in life lies in the fact that you have none. That should spur you to action. Ignore the guarantee, get on with the journey. In the end, your energy — your perception and your ability — is all you have.

Raise your energy and there’s your guarantee. Discipline yourself and don’t let little emotional upsets become large theatrical self-indulgences which destroy your stability and last ages. Change all the things you can easily change, accept most of the ones you can’t change, and walk away from the rest.

Change your opinions, control the ego, and the light of spirit flows naturally from within your serenity. The more level and equitable your life becomes, the more the inner light of God shines through your mind — bypassing the ego and showing you a beauty and perception of life that most never even seek, let alone attain.

The light is always there, just beyond the veil of the brain’s oscillations and the world of opinion, intellect and rigidity. One glimpse is enough. No words can properly describe the magnificence of the incandescent light of God. For within it is the very breath of life itself, and from it flows not just an overwhelming sense of love and security, but a sacred knowledge that beckons to us to reach beyond all earthly terms. Laced within that heavenly light is a glow, tempered in a diaphanous hue, the softness of which flows upon you more tenderly than the softest touch possible.

It is through this softness that the human heart is settled. All anguish and fear is gently dispersed in the rapture of such a goodness, the like of which can only overwhelm the human mind in awe.

Dominate the ego, call the spirit forward in as much humility and poise as you can muster, and let that be your guide and your healer. Let the grace of it sweep through your life.

Yes. And imagine this oft-times weary and frightened heart — all fear melted away, all anguish receding in the ghost of time. Yes, and see that same heart — fragile in its beauty, diligent in its task, beating quietly in the human breast, destined to eventual failure yet soldiering on in all circumstances — lovingly providing sustenance to the organism in silence.

Yes, and in that same heart, obligated and laboured as it is by its chore, there is space for even more expansion and further obligation. It yearns and seeks and begs to be given it.

What obligation, we ask?

The obligation to carry a spark of the God force within itself. Not just for the benefit of the organism to which it is indentured, but to shine — ever so faintly perhaps, but shine all the while — for the benefit of others. So all shall see and remember, lest the reason for everything be forgotten in the turmoil of ego and spite, importance and power.

Yes, and if we listen quietly we will hear the heart as it calls from its hidden place saying, “Give me the light to carry, honor me with the obligation. Let me be the beast of burden and offer the enormity of that incandescence to my brothers and sisters. Let me shine to quiet the fears of our people, elevating and inspiring them, invigorating them in momentary glimpses of the heavenly light and a better world.”

Yes. And that heavenly light, beckoning all the while, yet never insisting. Silently reminding each to glimpse beyond sorrow and pain, beyond the illusion of our insecurity, to glimpse no less into the very depth of God’s embrace.

Such is the wonder of it, no mortal can be but engulfed by its majesty. The nobility of which, flowing as a stream of light — sometimes gold, sometimes violet — passes through the human heart, silencing the mind, engulfing the emotions in a profound sensation. Pure love. Eternal love.

The quiet heart — so sweet and kind and full of compassion — reaches back within, seeking to find for itself a place to rest within that violet light of eternity. That humble wish, its grace, its simplicity, when granted is like a gentle kiss — the goodness of which tumbles upon you with the softness of a snowflake you imagine has fallen from the very hand of God.

Yes, and think again, what is life if not just a collection of experiences? And what are you if not just a memory of your reaction to those experiences? Better therefore to remember it well, proud and heroic. Put aside the silly foibles of the ego that tarnish the memory of you.

Accept and rejoice that such a great gift as this was bestowed by God personally, upon you. The gift of Life.

Accept the spirit within and let it heal you. Then walk through the lives of your people, teaching them the same process.

And one day, some day, you may look back at your planet from a great place and you may smile.

For you’ll see the goodness of it all, gently spreading eon by eon to cover all of our people.

And you’ll remember that you were there in the early days, when the renaissance of that goodness was first launched.

“Yes,” you’ll say, “I remember my life, I remember it well.”

“It was most fine.”

© 2013 Stuart Wilde

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