Reception Venue

Reception Venue

Reception Venue

Our Wedding Reception Venue will be a place where couples can celebrate their wedding. Holding a reception at our venue is a strong statement of commitment to non-violence within a marriage. It also is a way of assisting us to funds for our foundation.

Over the last 20 years, our founder has envisaged creating an organisation that would help women and children (and animal companions) escape domestic violence situations.  In the process of creating that vision in her mind, she has thought of every possible problem that might occur, and every way to tackle that problem or to avoid it altogether.

We now face a different future though in 2018. There will be natural disasters that occur in the next twenty four to forty eight months that change the course of our direction. The accommodation that we planned to use to assist women and children from violent situations may be used in future to house those who have lost their homes due to those natural disasters, but we will see.

The Vision

The vision for owning a wedding reception venue incorporates complements the plan to own a Bridal and Formal wear boutique. Our founder has written about retail business ownership the fashion industry when writing her training manuals for teaching in the adult education colleges. One such training manual taught about how to run a Bridal-wear Boutique that sells dresses on consignment.

From her years of running her own dancing school and organising events such as Annual Balls, Medal Examination Days, Woolshed Dances, Social Dances, Dance Exhibitions and Social Events (as well as teaching the Bridal waltz and other partner-style dances), she has the experience to organise the events needed to make a wedding reception venue operate at full capacity.

A Strong Commitment to Non-Violence

The benefits of marrying at our venue are multiple. Firstly, all profit goes towards running what we do. Next,  it is a strong statement for young brides and grooms to use the facility. The Foundation behind it says NO to domestic violence, so it is a way to promise to each other that “there will be no domestic violence in this marriage”. This will surely appeal to brides everywhere. For grooms who know that violence is wrong, it’s a commitment to non-violence. They promise that they will never beat or rape their wife, or abuse their children.


The venue will be used for Fundraising. The funds raised will be used to provide accommodation for women and their children (and animal companions). Until we decide where we will begin, it is likely that our accommodation will commence in the Southern Highlands, in South East Queensland, and in South Australia. All properties will have security monitors. We will also be providing all necessary items. Furnishings and curtains, crockery, cutlery, bedroom furniture, sheets and towels to name a few. This is so that everything the women and children need is there for them.

Helping Those In Need

Our founder aims to help 30 women and up to 90 children and animal companions at a time. Accommodation will be provided for up to three months or until something else can be arranged.  However, if we’re called upon to help the homeless, who knows how many others we will assist as well.

For further information about what we do and how you can help, and details about the Loving Heart Private Foundation please view our website at

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