The Feminine Nature of Surrender

Stuart Wilde – March 3, 2009

laying amongst the flowers

It is easy to become indignant at the evil of the world and the way the planet and its animals are mistreated. It is all very sad. Yet your soul can become wet wading through rivers of injustice that you are powerless to fix. Sometimes the weight of helplessness and futility hangs over us like a shroud. We lose touch with beauty as we become blinded by a silent rage that taunts us from the gates of hell to become as evil as the injustice we rile against. One can soon lose sight of self and which way to go.

In the end, I reconciled it in my heart by realizing two important things: powerlessness is a part of people’s karma in this life; we have to be gracious and accept it. And, while injustice is a terrible thing, we can see an improvement in the world over recent decades as humanity becomes more and more conscious and aware of itself. Also in being aware of injustice and watching it we learn what it is that we don’t what to become.

Beauty lies in surrender. It’s a feminine humility that calls to wounded souls from beyond the mists of the eternal Tao and Avalon. Late at night I’d called to the ladies of the mist saying, “Help me, my heart, she cry.”

And sometimes the Spirit of Surrender would whisper to me in visions and dreams and she would tell me to quit and sit and wait. So to while away the time I’d breathe love into the hearts of liars and crooks and pedophiles and the embezzlers of human souls, and I felt better and I waited as instructed.

Most of the evil is yang and all of our glorious histories of which we are so proud, are but gruesome accounts of pillage, mass murder and conquest. Humanity is but a child sick with a terrible bout of yang that has lasted several thousand years. It’s an evolutionary phase like the antics of a rebellious teenager. There is no point in fighting it for in the emotion of your antagonism you abandon the very softness that offers you reconciliation and redemption.

We are all changing and growing and in the collective nightmare of our humanity a golden light trickles through in the dead of night liberating people as fast as they will embrace a new ideal. We have to be grateful for small mercies, there are many people on the spiritual path that are trying to escape and they are bringing others with them. Understanding that, we should be patient and surrender, for there is gentleness in that, and anyway, in a long enough time-frame the yang will burn itself out and the feminine will triumph. As a part of that softness it is best not to get too hung up with people’s deficiencies but rather look to their heroic redeeming qualities, while of course fixing yourself, all the while.

The softness that calls to us from beyond the mist is a very great power that we know little about, but it has shown that it will sustain you once you start to break free, and it graciously holds you up when you begin to doubt or when you feel a bit wobbly. You are not alone. The trick is to not confront the system while you are trying to leave it. I was a bit too brash in this life I should have kept my mouth shut and walked away. There is a stupidity in confronting the system, for that which you confront holds you invisibly by the wrist not allowing you to get away.

But I learned my lessons and eventually I retreated. And once I put down the cudgel of my indignation and I embraced the feminine spirit, the humility of her world gradually built a bridge for me and I saw the way out. Respite is there for every weary soul blessed as they all should be. Surrender. It took me a while but I got the message eventually for that I am eternally grateful.

©Stuart Wilde 2009