Stuart Wilde – September 12, 2009

orange blobs

The entities that plague this human evolution are normally invisible to the naked eye; they are beings in the etheric that feed off humans. They include what we know as UFOs, which I have said elsewhere are not solid, they are etheric beings. But the UFO is only one shape-shift, there are many more.

Some entities are like big black spiders the size of your hand with your fingers stretched out that latch onto your chest. Others are like small orange-golden blobs about the size of a pea. They come up from below you, as do the UFOs, which are also pea-sized and in the etheric. Then there are beings that are a lot bigger. I saw one that was over two hundred-foot high. They are all in the morph.

What we call the ‘morph’ is an energy shift in the etheric that makes it much more visible. That’s how we first saw the entities. When the morph shifts the energy of a place, like say a room, it becomes permeated with fast moving, hazy lines. Sometimes the morph looks like rain; of course it is dry rain. The etheric is normally faint and hard to see. Only people that are quite sensitive can usually see it. But in the morph the etheric becomes very clear, so almost anyone can see it. This is because normally one’s line of sight goes right through the etheric without realizing it is there. The hazy lines and swirls of the soup-like morph light up the etheric, which gives you a backdrop with which to focus your eye. In a way you could say the morph is thick etheric.

The morph is full of immense activity. You’ll see blobs of faint light that drift up toward the ceiling, and there are vortexes that usually drift down from the ceiling in curved trajectories. All manner of shapes and symbols are moving back and forth and they are easily visible. In certain very strong morph circumstances you’ll see the UFOs in the sky, lots of them.

The morph is a transdimensional overlay that seems to be dropping on our world; it hasn’t been around before. A lot of people have seen it and more and more are seeing it with every day that passes. Often the morph will give you the appearance that the solidity around you is changing; solid walls and floors go soapy looking. You get the impression you can walk through it. Suddenly our dimension has taken on a transparency that we have never seen before. It also creates new sensations in your etheric that you can quite easily feel; you start to see things you never knew where there.

It was a shock to realize how ghoul infested our planet is. There are transdimensional entities everywhere. It was in the morph that we first saw the little orange-gold blob-like entities. Don’t be confused by the word ‘golden’ as there is nothing precious or spiritual about this lot; they are mean. We knew they were there as we could feel them, but suddenly we could see them. They fly in what seems to us like slow motion. The entities people call UFOs are also part of the orange blobs that fly ‘round your waist. You see them in the sky, but the sky is you in a transdimensional sense. So while they appear to be above you, they are in effect, close to you in your etheric.

These are the entities that are demonic. They will try to latch on to you and feed off your life force. The more sophisticated ones can feed you ideas and talk to your mind. They are sneaky and demonic and very crafty. The Grays, Reptilians, Nordics and so forth are part of the types that can transfer thoughts. I’ve seen quite a few Grays in my bedroom and other places over the years. They aren’t rare, and I’ve seen one reptilian. It was very scary and cruel. I’ve never seen a Nordic.

To recapitulate, the flying orange blobs are shape-shifters. I think they can take on many forms and the saucer-shape UFO is just one of their identities. Then there may be amongst the flying blobs many other demonic identities that are not UFOs as we know them. But whatever the case, the blobs are intelligent and they are mean and seek to harm you. Somehow on our journey we crossed the dimension they inhabit and suddenly they were all around us, here in 3-D. At times, we came under virulent entity attack from the blobs and fifty to a hundred would come at us all at once. They would come up from behind us and below us. We’d be surrounded. We’d fight. One battle in Italy lasted three nights and three days. We didn’t sleep. Sometimes we’d knock them down and other times they would get through. When they get through they sting. It really hurts; some days we’d get stung 20-30 times.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that you can’t usually see the entities with the naked eye. When the morph drops in you will see them as clear as day. Trust me. The first time I looked up and saw 50-60 different things flying in the sky above me I was shocked. There were saucer-shaped UFOs, brown blobs about three-feet wide that seemed to move very fast, cylinders that looked like flying oil barrels, and large ball-shaped entities that seemed to move quite slowly. This world is surrounded by a non-solid reality in which dwells vast numbers of intelligent entities who don’t have our best interests at heart. That is not so unusual to comprehend as there are a lot of humans that don’t have our best interests at heart.

Of course in those early days, I didn’t know that what I was looking at in the sky above me, was in fact in the etheric field, low down behind me. But there are other beings that can shape shift that seem to be above us, and then again they may be like the orange blob entities, close to the ground around us.

In Bavaria, in October 2001, I watched an entity that was roughly the shape of a soccer ball hovering, that to my view was above a clump of fir trees. It was morphing at high speed. As I started to watch it, the entity came slowly down the edge of the outside trees. Then it approached me in a curved trajectory covering the 60 or so yards between us, quite slowly. As it got to about 30 yards from me, at an elevation of 30–40 feet, it morphed into a saucer-shaped UFO. It was trying to be menacing, so I dropped my trousers and mooned it from the balcony I was on and I returned indoors—true story. The ghouls and entities in the morph try to play on your fears. The best protection is to give them as little attention as possible or ridicule them. They are like the schoolyard bully, one decent whack on the nose and they usually retreat.

The ghouls and the entities belong to a cold, lifeless world. Remember, I’ve said before the Bible is wrong in that it has heaven and hell ‘round the wrong way: hell is not hot, it’s cold. Heaven is warm, so ghouls naturally seek out the hotter end of the electromagnetic and light spectrum. They never made such an insidious headway as they have in recent decades, until our countries were extensively electrified. The ghouls follow electric pylons and microwave towers used by mobile phone companies. I always knew microwave ovens were spooky, but I didn’t know why. The ghouls use the heat to power and propel themselves along; electricity and microwaves are free energy supplies to the ghouls.

tips for protection

* TIP: Don’t use mobiles unless you have to and if you do be quick. The demonic energies penetrate you via the eardrum. They sometime look like a four inch black snake. It hurts when they get in your ear. It goes almost without saying, never hang around microwave towers or live close to one. Never have a microwave in your house.

* TIP: Landline telephones: We sometimes cover the receiver with muslin cloth dipped in lemon juice—works for a while but not long. Landlines are nowhere as bad as mobiles.

* TIP: Cover your head with your hands when going under high-tension electrical wires. The pulse they give off is used by the entities and they will come in at whatever angle and loop over your head and try to enter you from behind. If you put your hand on the top of your head as you pass under the cables, it protects you. You will soon be able to feel the pulse on the back of your hand—weird, but true.

* TIP: Unplug electrical equipment when not in use. You can also make a crisscross mesh of copper wire to cover light sockets. It acts as a rudimentary Faraday’s cage. Never use electric blankets—deadly.

* TIP: The ghouls seek positive ions. Colder places with lots of negative ions, like waterfalls and forests are usually less polluted. Nature is invigorating but it is not ghoul-free. I think negative ion generators are good for keeping your home environment less ghoul attractive.

* TIP: Ghouls are attracted to dry, warm places. Avoid places that are hot and avoid too much sunshine, it destroys melatonin. You need that for perception. If you have to be in the open for extended periods of time try to stay under cover. Remember the Egyptian mysteries are sold as the ancient wisdoms, but in fact they are the ghoul’s Bible. They came from a hot dry place, renowned for black magic and the conjuring of demons.

* TIP: Try to stay as physically cold as you can comfortably stand, and keep your body cool by drinking lots of water. Don’t allow your body to become dehydrated. If you do your fear levels will rise dramatically. If you are dehydrated drink six pints of water a day (just under three liters) and take three 1000 mg. lecithin tablets, three times a day. That helps carry water into your cells. You will completely re-hydrate in about three weeks, but you will notice the difference in just a few days.

drink water

As said, the entities will attempt to penetrate your energy and physical form. They seek warmth and life force, but also they want to degrade your mood and influence your feelings. They want you to give up hope and drift toward nastiness and despair. Usually they don’t sting as they already have people in their grasps. Meanwhile they are feeding off your etheric silently; they don’t want you to know they are there. They are sneaky because they come from low down, behind you. So if you are facing north, the ghouls will be below your waist behind you to the southwest. The furthest I have managed to see them so far is to slightly above head height and about four feet down through the floor. Their world is not solid, but then again, nor is ours. I have no idea how far they go down below four feet, if at all.

* TIP: Keep your feet off the floor. Or if they are on the floor and you are aware of entities coming up from below the ground, or the apartment below if you are in a block of apartments, keep a wet towel underneath your feet, or wear shoes. Don’t sleep on the floor if you can avoid it. Remember you are most vulnerable when close to the ground.

* TIP: Protect your back at all times especially in crowds. The two most vulnerable etheric points on your body are on your back. They are heart points situated either side of the spine about half way across from the spine to an inch or so above the bottom of the shoulder blade.

shoulder points

You will know the points as they get sore, or you can have a friend press between your shoulder blade and your spine until you feel the pressure run along the meridian to your heart. Your local acupuncturist will know them. These points are how the ghouls will try to enter your etheric system to degrade you. They hit you there over and over. We have found when we use a French after-dinner drink called Fernet Branca, rubbing it on the points helps a lot. I don’t know if other types of alcohol work.

Remember we live in a demonic evolution. Perhaps you doubt me but I can assure you once the morph really drops in almost everyone will see it. This world is a ghoul trip with the human ghouls unaware of their alliance with the transdimensional ones. The ghouls jump through the minds of others to find you. When they jump it prickles like stinging nettles. You can feel those etheric jumps as far away as 70-100 yards. They use the minds of those humans they are in alliance with on earth to find you and attack you. Especially when they lose you as they do if you are in a crowd or in your car in heavy traffic.

TIP: Watch for people pointing and taking photos of you. The etheric ghouls operate secretly in the panorama of our collective subconscious mind. They can ask the mind of another human “Where is he?” A human drone unaware of the TDs influence in his or her mind will point you out in the crowd without knowing why he is pointing. When we see people pointing, which is very common, we confuse the TDs by pointing every which way immediately afterwards.

The digital revolution has allowed the ghouls to track you via the digital signal of a camera. So complete strangers will try to take your picture, again not knowing why. Avoid getting into the shot or when strangers are taking pictures at places like tourist spots.

* TIP: Wash your car: The UFOs follow your car. We know they drop little pellets on the roof that mark it. We’ve seen it many times. Wash your car roof regularly. They also track you via your energy. Sometimes in traffic they will lose you. We duck under arches and underpasses. Wait four minutes, then come out very slowly. They get confused when you move in slow motion; you can speed up later. When outdoors, try to sit under cover— patio umbrella, window overhang, awning etc.

* TIP: Silence is golden: When you’re talking, the ghouls find you through the resonance your voice makes on the front part of the top of your skull. If you put your hand there, you can feel how strong the vibration of your voice is. Silence disconnects you, as does walking in slow motion. The ghouls are attracted to the human voice, like talking and loud music. They also notice you when you are moving quickly as their attention is attracted to sudden changes in velocity, such as during short sharp bursts of activity, like when you run for a bus. The media’s obsession of selling the idea of running around for health reason plays into the ghoul’s hands. Running will shorten your life and degrade your health. So many Olympic runners die young. Ding! Ding!

* TIP: Music. There are certain sweet sounds that drive the etheric ghouls to despair. The sound of Tibetan bowls is one example. Also they don’t like Gregorian chants, but any spiritual music helps. For years, I played spiritual music softly on repeat through the night while I slept. The protection builds and you soon get the feeling that you’re asleep in a cube that is outside the evolution of this world and away from the entities.

* TIP: We use a dim light or candle at night, but it doesn’t keep the ghouls away. It just makes it less scary for you as you can see your way around if you wake suddenly.

* TIP: Stay away from graveyards and the gothic vibe and never watch horror movies, especially in the company of others in a cinema. I don’t think you could go to such a movie in a public place without a dozen entities following you home. Horror movies are teasers inviting you toward the satanic. They are Hollywood’s special invite to the gullible. I have a long-standing, deep-rooted distrust for Hollywood and the misinformation and slime it puts out. You might want to take the same stance.

* TIP: I’ve noticed that tattoo and body piercing parlors are particularly dark. The motive behind body piercing is usually sexual, or it’s attention-seeking, or it follows a sense of degradation of your humanity. I think one small tattoo or a small stud is fine, but when it becomes obsessive you have to look at what impulse is driving your desire or need.

* TIP: Ghouls are attracted to everything dirty and vile. They hang out in dirty, scruffy, urine-stained doorways, alleys, garbage dumps etc. If you can, tidy or disinfect these areas where you live and don’t hang out there.

* TIP: Stay clean, wash thoroughly in all areas, keep hair trim, especially beards and dreadlocks, keep nails clean. When using the toilet, if you can wash immediately afterwards, do so, for the ghouls are attracted to even small remnants of feces and urine.

* TIP: Ghouls are attracted to blood. Girls on their moon should take care to stay fresh and clean.

* TIP: The ghouls come from a spiritually dead zone, so they are attracted to other dead areas. Keep your car, house and yard sorted, tidy and organized—no dead energy zones like stuff piled up. Or living habitats that are grungy, like communal crash pads. If you have ever been to China Lake in the California desert you’ll know what a dead zone feels like.

* TIP: If you smoke pot, do so very sparingly if you can. It makes your etheric brown and muddy looking, and the ghouls are attracted to the complacency it generates in humans—easy to feed off. Most habitual pot smokers are ghoul-food, which is why they become more and more lifeless. Plus, THC builds up in the brain over time making you paranoiac, ghouls love fear—it’s a free lunch for them.

* TIP: Keep food covered, eat it as quickly as possible. Don’t eat food that has been left around, like in the cold meat counters at the deli. Cover drinks when drinking outside. We’ve seen the ghouls drop bizarre little pellets into your drink when you’re out in the open air. They may be the same ones they use to mark your car, we don’t know. We also don’t know what the pellets do, but we are sure it is not health-enhancing. When the pellets miss, you will see a small faint flash of light drop in a straight line from above; it’s usually about a one foot away from you. Sometimes you will feel them land on the top of your head, we just brush them off and flick them back.

* TIP: The ghouls are attracted to the smell of sulfur. Sulfur hot springs are ghoul holiday camps. There’s one called Saturnia in Italy; it’s the gates of hell. I didn’t stay a second longer than I had to. The entities there were some of the worse infestations I have ever come across.

* TIP: Ghouls like people who are unaware, so keep melatonin and things high in DMT in your body, to enhance perception. Coffee and nicotine are good—you can use nicotine patches a few hours each week if you don’t smoke. Chocolate is good in small amounts. Remember the media is the Hiss of the Snake, their function is to promote misinformation that the TD ghouls want humanity to embrace. So decaffeinated coffee that is made with formaldehyde, which is deadly, is promoted as healthy. While normal coffee, which really helps you, is promoted as likely to create heart attacks.

Ghouls don’t like nicotine in your blood so smoking is made anti-social and illegal in many places. Ghouls love runners as said before, so endless TV shows talk and articles talk about the non-existent health benefits of running. Ghouls like people on the floor so yoga is sold as helping you develop a long life. Ghouls love Tantra, which is also sold as helping you achieve immortality. NutraSweet is promoted as good for keeping you slim. In fact, it can give your double vision and it changes your brain chemistry and knocks out your perception—Diet Coke is deadly. On and on. Some religions prohibit pork, which is wrong; it’s the only safe meat other than game. Chickens and turkeys are pumped full of hormones; cows and sheep are susceptible to BSE. The big worldwide tainted beef crisis hasn’t happened yet, but it is coming.

* TIP: For some reason I don’t know as yet, the ghouls don’t like chamomile in your blood. So chamomile tea with lemon acts a deterrent.

* TIP: The ghouls will suggest you eat fat all of the time. It’s warmth storage for them. Resist that suggestion.

* TIP: Read the signs as you go along. Here are some: the beings in the etheric latch on to you and feed. They sometimes hover around your nose especially when you are in a ghoul-infested area. When you see people touch the end of their nose, it’s often them reacting to the etheric touch of the orange blobs, which usually sting, but sometimes they tickle or itch. That is why 99% of all men with moustaches are ghoul-food—closet fascists usually; the other one percent don’t have a closet. The hair and dirt under their nose allows the entities to camp out. If your nose suddenly itches a lot, you have just walked into a ghoul-infested area, or the people around you are ghoulish. Another signal to watch for is when people rub their ears.

* TIP: The ghouls seek stagnation and predictability. They like to know where to find you. Stagnation is self-imposed control, and predictability helps them. So change your clothes, change what you do and when you do it—change for the sake of change. For example, take different routes to work, go to a different coffee bar; hang out in different places. Remember, conformity is the religion of the ghouls. They want stable, predictable souls that will allow them to easily feed off their etheric. It makes you very tired. I’m sure chronic fatigue syndrome is entity infestation as well as perhaps the result of a unknown virus. So who created the virus? Ding.

* TIP: Ghouls are attracted to mental and emotional chaos. They feed it. They like pain. Stay away from hospitals, especially if you are sick. If you are one of those dedicated souls that work in hospitals, there’s a place in heaven for you where there is not one sick person. Nice.

* TIP: Ghouls are attracted to degradation and nastiness; try to avoid S & M bars, degrading sex, pedophilia, pornography, black magic of course, and anything that is degrading of the human spirit.

* TIP: Ghouls feed you disinformation all the time. They play to one’s need for recognition and one’s need to feel special—elitism is the gold card to ghoul-land’s executive lounge. They will offer you bizarre instructions. If you doubt something is coming from your inner, or if the instructions are strange, be careful. Especially if the instructions are weird, or degrading of yourself or others.

When in doubt, cross your eyes and ask mentally if what you are hearing is accurate. Keep your eyes crossed while you wait for your mind to give you the answer. When your eyes are crossed the hemi-synch of your brain changes and that stuffs up the ghouls. You can use this technique when you hear information from others, or on TV that you suspect is inaccurate. Normally when you ask your mind, “Is this okay?” the ghouls will mentally lead you the wrong way, telling you it’s fine, when it isn’t. If your eyes are crossed, they can’t do that. Knowing this helps you a lot. Your journey out of ghoul-land will be perpetually bombarded with disinformation. In fact, the further your travel out of the ghoul’s mental control of you, the harder they try to sow confusion and the seeds of doubt. They don’t like people making a run for it.

Conclusion, The mind is cold, the heart is warm. Stay warm in your heart and cold in your physical body. Love and embrace humanity, don’t separate from it and don’t fall for the elitism of the ego. Elitism and separation is a form of silent hatred and a disdain for God. Be aware, notice details; develop your perception*, don’t allow yourself to fall asleep or become stagnant. Don’t fight with yourself and others, and clean up your life by processing your shadow. Embrace integrity.

Finally, remember the journey is long and hard. The ghouls hold all the cards for now, don’t falter; continue to trust long after all the others fall away. The only way to get through is in spite of your emotions. Never quit. There are angelic beings waiting for you but you have to walk well over half way to find them, and they can’t cross the ghoul-dominated dimension to come and get you. You have to cross ghoul-land on your own to get to them.

hands and dove

God bless. Be good.

© 2012 — Stuart Wilde.

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