Will Love Triumph?

Will Love Triumph? It’s nice to believe that love will, in the end, triumph over evil and nastiness. However, when looking at our world and situations like the insane slaughter of innocents in the chase for Brother Bin, and the gradual development of the world-wide Police State via techno-fascism, one wonders how the force of Continue reading

Jealousy is Not Necessary

Jealousy is Not Necessary “What is jealousy? It’s the mind’s reaction to a loss of control, or the imagined loss of control. If you don’t have to control, you can’t be jealous, can you? Jealousy is a fascist emotion. In the realm of subtle feeling you will love your partner unconditionally. You won’t try to Continue reading

The Love of God

The Love of God Stuart Wilde  September 10, 2010 The love of God keeps you safe but first this. What we call God is a celestial light that gives rise to the myriad dimensions of heaven that are located inside the holographic fields-upon-fields. Every grain of sand has all the heavens and hells inside it.

Restoration of the Feminine Spirit

Restoration of the Feminine Spirit by Stuart Wilde  January 14, 2013 I don’t do many pedophilia stories, as it is very distressing and the practice of child abuse is at epidemic proportions. The Guardian newspaper in England said a few days ago, that pedophiles are misunderstood, and a committee of psychiatrists said pedophilia is a Continue reading

The Eternal Tao

The Eternal Tao by Stuart Wilde – April 3, 2007 The eternal Tao is the grace in all things. It is the living sprit from which the ten thousand things emerged. It has the power of a higher knowing for it perpetuates itself even in adverse circumstances. It is the digital-fractal order in all things. Continue reading

Love and the Middle Way

Love and the Middle Way written by Stuart Wilde, November 27th 2012 My ol’ teacher was a Taoist, he taught of the old sages in China and their wisdom and their gentle ways. There is a concept in Taoism called wu wei – non action. Here’s what Wiki’ says about it: