Stuart Wilde in Vancouver


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Stuart’s journey through life led him down two different paths. He initially learned about the world from the perspective of material and monetary success, and did extremely well at becoming successful. In his own words, by the time he was 28 he had experienced every human experience that was available. He owned an expensive apartment in a cushy suburb in London, had a chef and a cleaner, owned several Rolls Royces and had earned millions of dollars in the course of his working life. He’d had lots of women and had tried various drugs, however, this life didn’t satisfy him.

One day he walked away from the whole thing. He asked a friend to come to his home and collect the gold framed mirrors he was giving to him as a gift, then he walked out of his house, down the road, and tossed the key to the front door down the grid-covered drain located a few hundred metres from his home.  He never returned to that home. The bank took back the property (fixtures, furnishings and collected items included) and made good profits on reselling it.


In a moment of true sincerity, he prayed to God to grant him wisdom.  From that moment on his life went on a quest in search of that wisdom, and for the next 30 years his journey took him down many a winding road, some ending up as dead ends, and others opening out into worlds of wonder.  In the first part of that journey, he was led to a man called Marshall Lever, who was able to channel a Taoist sage who called himself Old Chinese.  Marshall had learned so much from Old Chinese that now he ran trainings to share that knowledge with others.

Old Chinese

Stuart began his training with Marshall and Old Chinese alongside many other students, the number of students filling a lecture hall. Marshall, under the instruction of Old Chinese, was told to arrange the training meetings in many places all over the world, while always a different venue and never a convenient one. He would often give only three days notice for his meetings which were never easy for anyone to get to. Not only that, Marshall was under strict instructions to shut the door to the venue right on the dot of the allotted time to start the training, so if a student was even so much as three minutes late, they were locked out of the room. Over the next three years, the students eventually all dropped away until only 3 remained. Stuart was one of them.

Old Chinese was seeking what are known as “Initiates”. The people who trained with him were put to many tests designed to develop their dedication to the path, as well as the force of their will.  Stuart’s will was developed incredibly through the training that he underwent with Marshall channeling Old Chinese.

Furthering the Journey

After his training came to an end with these two teachers, he then went on a further journey. One that led him to talk to some of the most knowledgeable teachers whose wisdom added to the vast reservoire that Stuart was accumulating yearly and had within him anyway. Old Chinese had taught him about the doors into other worlds and had said that it was possible to step out of this world into those when a person comes to a resonance that aligns with those worlds. Stuart made it his mission to find the door to the inner worlds, and eventually he found it.


Stuart can be quoted as saying that the most valuable information he ever acquired came from the visions he saw while in meditation, and from the Beings that he met when he was in ceremony with the Shamans that worked with sacred brews of the Amazon and Australia.  I know that in the celestial dimensions, Stuart is one of the Masters whose mission was to come to earth and lead people out of confusion, towards their authentic self.

England’s Jerusalem

Stuart born in England but spent his early childhood in South Africa. He was then shipped off to England at age 11 to boarding school. There he was expected to learn to be a proper English gent, which he found rather difficult and stifling. Fortunately though, school was where he learned about running a business, which bode him well after he left school.


He was a witty, comedic man who laughed a lot and enjoyed a beer, but he could also be extremely blunt and direct at times, which put a lot of people off. That never worried me though, because I can be the same way myself.  Towards the latter part of his journey, he disclosed the fact that he was a powerful spiritual warrior who would neutralise evil through the power of love. Love was his sword of battle as he indelibly left his mark on the world in numerous ways.

Stuart doing healings

Stuart doing a Healing


After he endured the Stigmata for three years, he offered free healings to those who needed it. He did hundreds of healings without charging people for them in the couple of years prior to his death. He also, with the help of Tom Lishman, went to the fields in France. This is where the young soldiers from world war two were buried. Stuart and Tom helped to release their souls back to the light. When he did that it made me cry – he was a very selfless man in many ways. Selfless, and yet very human at the same time.

Over 1800 articles are posted on his website for his readers, all freely available for all to learn from. He wrote at least half of the articles himself and made reference to other people’s writings with the rest. He also wrote every article that he sent to those on his mailing list and didn’t ask for a cent from them in return.

Catering to Others

Some of Stuart’s gigs were expensive, some very very inexpensive. Stuart catered to people’s needs, whatever they were. If people felt that they should pay a lot of money to get valuable teachings, there were gigs for that. If people weren’t able to afford a lot of money, there were gigs for that too.  Stuart always tried to help people and meet them wherever they were at in their perception of life. Some have criticised him for that, but those that have didn’t know him very well. Those that studied with him for years always knew better than the skeptics.

I hope that you enjoy the articles I’ve chosen of his that you will find linked to this site. He was my teacher for 25 years before he died, and I continue to learn from him still.

You can read more of his articles at his website at www.stuartwilde.com