Improving Yourself

by Stuart Wilde – December 25, 2012


It is important to not take life for granted and be gracious and show a proper gratitude for every small mercy or for anything others do for you. Remember this one important fact, this earth has no contract or obligation to feed you or look after you, the way you negotiate terms of endearment are through your goodness, or you have to become a predator, which will destroy your soul.

A lady in her seventies came to a healing I did, she was dying of cancer, she couldn’t walk very much, so I did the healing in the car park for her. She made a miraculous recovery, her doctors were amazed. She never wrote to thank me. Humans are strange.

A man came some years ago, he was crying, he was in a partnership with two crooked people who were milking the books, they wanted to toss him out so there would be no oversight to their fraud. They had threatened him. I talk to the lad for four hours and I laid out a plan of how to come up behind them emotionally and use their crookedness against them. Three weeks later he owned the entire business and he went on to make $10 million. Did he come with a kind word, or $5000 in an envelope and say, “Have a drink Stuie, or a bag of apples?” No, not one word.

Entitlement is a disease of importance. Be so careful you don’t fall into that ego-trap.

I helped a young lady who was famous at the top of her profession. Through mismanagement she had hardly any real assets to speak of, only $125,00 say. I moved her money around for her to improve her chances, and I went to five meetings with her accountants, and a few meetings with her lawyers. I helped her to buy a house that I got at auction for her at $300,000 under its real market value. After twelve years I had made $5.2 million for her. I was happy for her. But she never thanked me. One day I sent her a text message saying, “Do you know that you have not bought me a drink for twelve years?” I never heard from her again. Funny eh?

If you are obsessed with yourself, you become like an evil Pharaoh, you’ll see yourself as very special, above others, who are just here as your slaves to build pyramids for you without pay or compensation.

A women came saying she had seen visions of light in her hands and would I hold her hands and give her the purple healing light. So I sat in a meditation with her for twenty minutes and I transferred the light as asked. I saw her at the Amsterdam gig, she didn’t talk to me or say hello, or tell me how she was going with it all. She just ignored me. The light is about compassion, if you can’t be bothered to be polite, it’s not a good start.

There was also a man there who had been in hospital dying, I healed him from what is considered to be an incurable fatal affliction, he didn’t talk to me either.

When you express a compassion or kindness to others you can’t expect anything, but if they do come back with a bag of apples and a ‘thank you’ it reassures you that not all human are devilish, and it impels you forward a bit, so you are not always in a ‘ground hog day’ of disappointing people. Only one or two people in 500 ever come back but they make up the light of the light when they do.

I helped a small business man sell $9-10 million of his products, he never said much, he took me for granted, then three years later he came back and gave me a small gift. I was moved.

If you make good in the end it’s better than not making good at all. If you pray, thank God for every small mercy, the sunlight, the animals, your family and all the things you have received, then that is the way you open your heart to goodness whereby you may receive more later.

I met a lad who was a clerk in an office, his pay was very low. He dreamed of opening a shop. I lent him a large sum of money. I’d go to see him sometimes at the shop to ask after him. One day, I phoned the shop to discover he’d sold it and fled with my money. The karma of crooks is to meet a craftier crook up ahead.

Be scrupulous in your dealings or soon your benefactors dry up, and the God Force turns away from you, and the world turns and eats you, or you eat yourself from within. The flow of energy is very precise, karma is very precise, there are no mistakes. It’s good to know, it keeps you on a level plane.

Evil people have a zigzag outer etheric field around them, they rattle others as they pass them that can cause spontaneous retribution. And the zigzag impinges on their reality, say, the road they are going down in their car goes zigzag with them. The man in the milk truck doesn’t see them.

There was a lad, I helped him become a big star, a household name. He paid me for helping him, he was one of the only people out of say 10,000 that ever paid. I was very, very grateful. But he had a disastrous fault. He’d attack people telling lies and he’d use those lies to advantage himself financially. He was very rich.

I warned him his ways would get him into trouble because his desire to hurt people with lies and crash them down would come back. Then he had a life threatening accident, he nearly died, his world fell off the shelf, literally. I don’t know if he changed after that or not, but if he didn’t no doubt the God Force will give it another attempt. I sincerely hope and pray he got the message. For while he is very evil, there is a flicker of light inside him as well.

Even the darkest people have some light, like the good hearted Mafioso that helps the community, for example.

Embrace a proper gratitude, it helps your soul move forward to better things.

I knew a cat burglar that would rob houses. He was very funny. One day he came in the pub on crutches raving about the Chinese and their shoddy workmanship. He’d put his foot on a gutter that broke and he fell off the roof.  How he knew in the dark that the drain was made in China I don’t know.

My advice is stay straight, you never know if the gutter under your foot is Chinese or not, or it may just be very old and corroded like the cat burglar’s soul .

Love love.  Stuie W.