Our Purpose and Mission

Our Purpose is to assist mothers, children and family pets to leave situations of domestic violence as quickly and as safely as possible.

Many people who were abused as children themselves go on to become the abusers of their own children. They also become the victims of domestic violence, passing the pattern down to the next generation.  We don’t agree that it is only men who perpetrate domestic violence. Women do too.  There are men out there who have had violence enacted upon them by their female partners, so we are quite aware that domestic violence is not limited to that done only by men.

Abusers of Children

Many women grew up in homes where their father was violent towards their mother. Often their mother took on the role of victim as a compromise that she had to make. Why? Because it would not have been easy to support kids on her own without a provider. These women grow up to become the perpetrators of child abuse. They often repeat their own mother’s pattern of choosing a violent man for a husband or partner.

In same sex relationships they will choose an abusive woman as their partner.  Or, they often make the misguided error of staying with a man who is abusive. They justify doing this because their own mother kept leaving violent men, so they try to give their children some stability. They choose to stay with a man who in one or many different ways is violent.  Thus, the cycle of abuse goes on for generation after generation.

Halting the Pattern

It comes to a halt only when one of the children born into this generational condition decides to do something about the pattern. When he or she decides to halt and not repeat the ways that they were taught to deal with things.

We’re aware that we can’t help everyone.  However, we’d like to give as many people as possible the chance to change their lives by providing a different environment. A safe place. Hopefully they will then go on to get the emotional help they need to break the pattern.

Educating People

Our mission is to educate victims on how to strengthen themselves so that they no longer have to be a victim. We refer those whom we assist to people who are qualified to assist in these matters. Our main objective though, is to get women and children to safety as quickly as possible. They can deal with their trauma later.

We have only just begun, so we are only just getting started with what it is we are here to do. However, within a very short time we will be able to assist those with whom it is our mission to help, so stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Here’s more details about what we’d like to do:

Foundation’s Purpose of Operation

To take women and children out of life-threatening domestic situations – women who are usually quite productive and capable but cannot leave due to having no money, and due to having been exposed to constant criticism and condemnation at the hands of the man who once appeared to be very loving towards them. They usually have no self-confidence by this stage.

We want to give them accommodation for up to 4 months at no expense to them. Then to educate and assist them on their health requirements and emotional healing during that 4 months. During this time, to guide them on what to do to change their identity so that the ex cannot find them.

Also, to teach them skills that will give them independence and regular employment or self-employment income. Then, provide teachers of various kinds offer other much-needed skills such as self-defence, budgeting and assertiveness.

We’d like to give the children either Montessori or Steiner education, or to have tutors come in to their homes and do their schooling.

Our Accommodation Requirements

Initially the Foundation will rent various properties, and will look at eventually owning some properties as well. It will depend on the surrounding neighbours as to whether or not we stay in a particular unit/ apartment. We estimate that we will need about 20 to get started.  The units/apartments will be two-bedders with a sunroom, as we are sure that this sized unit will house most single-parent families.

Each of these units/apartments would be best located in a security building – maybe with a camera in the foyer. Initially these families may need to shift around every month or so in case a violent and vindictive ex is following them. The reason I say this is because I know from first-hand experience that guys like this do follow a woman around, not just to remind themselves of her but with more evil intentions than that, believe me. The one who did that to me went on to murder the next woman he was involved with, so I know first-hand of what can go on.

Each unit/apartment will have the same facilities in it so that mothers and kids still have access to the things they need. For example, if we decide to put a piano in one unit, then all units will have pianos in them; and if the main bed is a Queen size in one of the units, then all the others will have a Queen sized bed too. This will help with sheeting requirements as well.

Other Real Estate

There will be a warehouse where we can accept donations of items that people no longer want or need. “Clean-up week” in New South Wales is great too! This is when home owners put their unwanted items on the pavement for council to collect.

Then we will need a community centre where the ladies can meet for their various types of training.

Other Facilities

The Foundation will eventually be seeking to purchase/build retail shopfronts from which to operate various businesses (camera watched). Training classes and workshops will teach the women to operate these businesses. Then when they branch out on their own, they will have the confidence to go into business for themselves.

We would also like to eventually purchase a facility suitable for where the children will have their education. Once again, this will require cameras to be watching what is happening fairly constantly, we imagine.

We will also have an office location as we’ll establish another cleaning business for the ladies to run. This business only needs a medium sized office.

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