Overcoming Fear Affirmations

Overcoming Fear Affirmations This powerful audio can be heard by clicking on the image above. It will help you overcome your fears through the positive strength of affirmations. Louise leads you through a series of affirmations designed to help you overcome your fears. By listening you’ll change your negative thought patterns into healthy positive ones. Continue reading

Overcoming Fear Meditation

Overcoming Fear Meditation This powerful audio can be heard by clicking on the image above. It is a guided Overcoming Fear meditation. Louise Hay guides you to overcome your fears through the positive strength of meditation. The audio is designed to help you create new, healthy, positive thought patterns. This meditation helps you to visualise a world Continue reading

Feeling Fine Affirmations

Feeling Fine Affirmations These Feeling Fine Affirmations from Louise Hay’s collection are for your self image and for your body image. They will help you to accept yourself and are very healing if you’ve been in an abusive relation-ship. If you have, then no doubt your spouse has been ridiculing you and putting you down. Continue reading

Eliminate Negativity

Eliminate Negativity This is a Self Esteem audio from Louise Hay with subliminal affirmations embedded under the music track which are designed to raise your self esteem and Eliminate Negativity. You can’t hear the words, yet they work on your subconscious thinking to help change the way that you think. Louise Hay Self Esteem Part Continue reading

Raise Your Self Esteem

Raise Your Self Esteem Listen daily to this audio on self esteem by Louise Hay, and restore your ability to love yourself while you raise your self esteem. Raising your self esteem will be vital if you’ve been in a relationship with an abuser. His voice is likely to be the voice that you hear Continue reading

Louise Hay Self Love

Louise Hay Self Love This is the whole Louise Hay Self Love meditation – how to heal your soul and your body, with self love. Listen to this every day for at least 30 days and you will see a change in your thought patterns. Louise Hay Self Love Affirmations Hearing affirmations audibly or subliminally is Continue reading

Our Movie Channel

Our Movie Channel We’ve set up a movie site of our own and given Youtube the flick! Here is a link to Our Movie Channel: Mind, Body, Heart and Soul . Feel free to browse the many audios and videos from some of the amazing teachers that you will find there. Or watch a wholesome movie Continue reading

The Damage Caused by Feminism

The Damage Caused by Feminism When you sit down and think about it, Feminism hasn’t really given women a better life. Let’s take a good look at The Damage Caused by Feminism.  Here are a few examples of the fruit of women’s liberation…

Dantes Prayer by Loreena McKennit

Dantes Prayer by Loreena McKennit Here’s another beautiful piece of music. This is Dantes Prayer by Loreena McKennit and I made the video myself. If you wanted to send it to someone whom you love, it’s got a beautiful love story embedded in the story behind the images that were chosen. Click on the image below Continue reading

Calling You – Tally Koren

Get Inspired by another wonderful music video by Tally Koren Calling You – by Tally Koren This video titled Calling You, inspires you to be yourself, to find your purpose, and to find that one man or woman who will complement you and help you grow and develop. Finding that one individual who is your partner Continue reading