Practice for a Healthy Relationship



Healthy relationships take effort, time, and commitment.  This activity is intended to challenge you to think about how you interact with the people in your life.  Through practice, this activity can help build healthier and happier relationships in your life.

Step 1: Get a journal  It doesn’t have to be a fancy or expensive journal.  It just needs to be something you are comfortable writing in.

Step 2: Write it down  Write down at least five interactions that you have had today.  Include interactions with peers or dating partner as well as adults (e.g., parent, teacher, coach, or employer).  Make sure you include important information like that person’s name and the details of the interaction (i.e., what was said, body language, how it made you, how it made them feel, etc.).

Step 3: Read it over  Look at what you’ve written down for the day.  Identify which interactions you thought were healthy and which you thought could be improved.

Step 4: How’d that go?  Look closely at the interactions that could be improved.  Write down what you could have done differently to make it a healthier interaction (i.e. kept your voice calm, have open body posture, not jump to conclusions–let them explain, etc.).

Step 5: Repeat!  Continue to analyse your interactions with others.  Practice the healthy relationship skills you have identified for yourself.


  • You cannot change anyone’s behaviour but your own.
  • It is okay to agree to disagree with someone else.
  • It is okay to limit interactions with someone you see as unhealthy.
  • You have the right to set healthy boundaries in every relationship.
  • Healthy relationships take time, effort, and commitment.

~ ♥ ~