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In Praise of Women and Womanhood – Osho

Woman has been driven almost crazy by man. How has the woman survived? That is a miracle….Osho

A man and a woman can remain at peace only when their equality and their uniqueness become an accepted phenomenon. Then friendship can flower.

Woman has been driven almost crazy by man. It is a great miracle that she has survived amongst a society in which all the religions are man-made, all the governments are man-made, all the laws are man-made, all the societies are man-made, all the educational systems are man-made. How has the woman survived? That is a miracle.

As far as I understand, this miracle has been possible because of her love. Even though man has mistreated her, she has still loved him. Even though she has been enslaved and chained, she has remained a mother, a sister, a beloved, a daughter.

Her survival, against so much attack on her personality, is possible only because existence needs her more than it needs man. Existence has been protective of woman because woman is the mother, from where all life flows.

It is through her love that life can still sing, can still dance, that there is still some beauty and still some grace left in the world.

Women constitute half of the population of the world. If they are liberated, given their basic birthrights, the world will go into a tremendous metamorphosis — which it needs tremendously.

Woman has been prevented from contributing anything, except children. She can contribute so much, and its quality will be totally different. It will have more beauty, it will have more aliveness, it will have more love, it will have more juice.