– In the Eye of the Storm

by Stuart Wilde – September 18, 2012

walkway to heaven

The only safety is in softness and beauty.

Now that the forces of Light have fought their way in here, it will take four years for them to bring the global-ego to its realisations. It has to be shown its lies and platitudes, its pretences; each has to see how they have overtly or covertly supported cruelty, dishonestly, elitism, violence and hatred. The Grand Lies I first spoke of nine years ago in Whispering Winds of Change are set to collapse. It will cause quite a storm.

Only softness and gentleness will take you to the eye of that storm, where it is calm and sage. This is because the war against humanity is against the yang liars. Not just bellicose men that rob and kill people, but yang-style women that have bought into vindictiveness, elitism, materialism and specialness. The sad thing is that people who believe themselves to be very special and divinely chosen will discover how right they are. Where edginess will gradually creep in is, when they discover by whom they have been chosen.

The unseen Empire of the Ghouls is everywhere – there is almost nothing on this planet they don’t control. They are unbelievably clever and covert. You have to imagine an army of unseen spirits that can talk to your mind for an entire lifetime, without you realising they are there. They do it by telepathic transfer. They make words in your mind sound like it’s you talking to yourself. In this way they take people to their world while having them believe they are selected and special and divinely protected in this world. They will influence humans to believe anything they want to believe – tricky.

However, when you go to softness and gentleness you disempower their ability to talk to you. The ghouls can pretend to be soft and gentle and talk to you in a child-like, non-threatening voice, but they can’t sustain it. The symmetry breaks down very fast. Here is an example of a symmetry break, what I call, symbies. In the mirror-world there is a place that is full of all white, Caucasian women who are about thirty-to-fifty years old. These are women that are alive on earth today, existing simultaneously in a parallel mirror-world, or dimension if you like. All the women have the same inner traits, so they are tightly congregated into one particular area of the mirror world, where inner feelings dictate where you find yourself location-wise.

When you first see them in there they look very normal. Here on earth you would observe them as well-dressed shoppers, or businesswomen, or upwardly-mobile mothers taking care of their offspring. Some of the women are very attractive and many of them look groomed and elegant. I’ve seen about two hundred of them in the mirror-world over a period of months. When they first approach you in that mirror-world they look just fine but after about ten seconds or so, their symmetry breaks down. Their faces change. They can’t hold the pretense. They morph and go utterly ghoulish-looking, with mad eyes and ugly teeth, and they change from seemingly benign to being rapacious and threatening. The first one of these women I saw go through this sudden metamorphosis scared the wits out of me. She was way too close; I jumped back in fright. Suddenly, I could see who she really was behind the mask of her pretense; she was ugly beyond words – a ghoul-queen. Just for the record, I’ve now seen a male place in there that is full of guys that are all predators pretending to be nice.

devil in disguise

I mention this because you can feign softness and goodness and the soft eye of tolerance but not for long. If it is not really in your heart over decades, the symmetry breaks down. But in that breakdown there is an overall, eventual safety for those that can hold the symmetry. Here is why. The Forces of Light are yin and soft. The only way that they can recognise their human allies here on earth is to look for the softness and see if a human’s symmetry holds up. So in embracing a soft heart once and for all, you align with the eventual victors. For all that is hard and ugly and asymmetrical will eventually fall away. (If this symmetry concept is hard to understand please see the extra note below).

Of course, that softness and gentleness has to be in your heart and you will have to decide. But it’s not hard to go the right way, it is just easy to be led the wrong way. Don’t fight, don’t compete, don’t lie and don’t play at being special. Build your own sacred path, one of kindness and warmth. Don’t rob people, or sell them shonky, over-priced products, don’t use people, don’t sue them, and don’t covertly sell your sexuality to buy protectors and influence. Don’t control people and don’t manipulate and attack people, even if the people you want to attack are utterly rotten. You have to reach a place where you are at peace with humanity. You can disagree with others and say so if you wish, and you can have political and social views, but you can’t make your antagonism into a cause celebre, a black and white situation, for that would be just your righteous shadow seeping out. Don’t scream, don’t shout, and don’t threaten people with emotions. Don’t buy people. Treat them as real and equal.

Either love people or be neutral. Accept who they are and don’t try to cajole them into what you think they ought to be. They will come when they are ready or not as they wish. If you or they have to leave, be gracious in the parting of ways, wish them every good fortune and genuinely mean it. If they call you every name under the sun, agree with them. If they rob you, let them. You pulled them to you after all, so you are not totally an innocent party. Prove that you care for humanity especially those who have hurt you, those you don’t like, those you don’t agree with, and those you find objectionable. And offer everyone, absolutely everyone you ever meet, a kind word.

If they are in need, give them what you can afford. Support them, build them up and show them how to stay safe and hold to beauty at all times. Keep trying to see the beauty in every moment of everyday, for this is a very beautiful world. If you watch beauty and admire it, you eventually become the same. Align to the children and the animals and the forest, and stay with the running water, soft words and radiant colours. Go to the yin for the yang will hurt you terribly. Offer yin to others and see if they respond.

To rise above this human evolution you can’t conquer it – you have to place yourself underneath it. You subjugate your ego to the needs of others. You allow them to go first, to talk while you listen. Even if you are the most powerful being in the world there would never be a reason to mention it, would there? It’s yang to show off and entice people and enslave them, it’s yin to let them be. You can keep your power inside you in silence and just be nice to people instead.

For example, let us say you are a world famous microbiologist and you meet a stranger in a café, who talks to you about the subject telling you all about microbiology, and you have more knowledge in your little finger than they would have in a lifetime of reading books on the subject. The trick would be to listen carefully and ask simple questions and support the person’s interest and to leave twenty minutes later without them ever realising that you have won a Nobel Prize in the subject. Support people, you don’t have to prove you are better, you don’t have to win, agree to lose and love them.

Be ordinary and humble and don’t set yourself up above others. Try to melt into the background and become no one. It is so liberating. See if you can walk through a crowded airport or railway station with nobody looking at you. For in the strange alignment of being somebody in your quiet feelings, in your silence, and nobody for everyone else, you walk away from the destiny of the world where everyone is pushing to be heard, pushing to be someone. Their world is very dangerous, yours doesn’t have to be. Be like those that can walk through a wall without any single molecule of the wall knowing they are there.

In social situations don’t talk about your successes and neither should you mention your weaknesses. Instead talk about the sunrise and the wind and the way otters sleep with one leg tied to a lump of seaweed. Talk about god’s world not real estate prices in the suburbs. Never be flashy, those times have gone. Be anonymous and stay to one side. My old teacher would often say, “He who walks up the middle of the road gets hit from both directions.” He was right.

The more you elevate yourself the more deadly you become to others and you open yourself up as ghoul-food. Whenever you fail on softness just reaffirm your alignment and make time for the soft things of life. The meek inherit the earth because the Forces of Light go naturally to softness and there they find the humility of those that have the same softness and they protect them and lead them to safety. For in the end we have to go back to a soft, caring world, in order for this planet to survive. That transition is now beginning to take place.

Stuart Wilde.

  • Everything that is holy and good starts out as symmetrical. This is because we live in a mathematically elegant universe, which is almost perfectly symmetrical. Everything ghoulish is bent out of shape (asymmetrical). Because, for example, in humans, your inner emotions and feelings eventually bleed through to your physical body and so your eyes and mouth and your overall face shape are gradually bent out of symmetry over the years. Your mouth slopes or your lips get thin and so forth.
  • If you pretend to be nice while inwardly being rather vile you can hold the pretense of symmetry for a while but eventually you inner state bends you to show the truth. And that carries you away to where others are that are equally asymmetrical. Birds of a feather flock together. SW.