Resolving Conflict in a Relationship

resolving conflict

Resolving Conflict

Communication is the key for a healthy relationship. When two people in a relationship communicate well, they understand each other in a good way which makes the relationship healthier and stronger. If you have been resolving conflict, then you have the ability to develop a healthy and mature relationship successfully. Actually, what is conflict? Well, when we say there is a conflict in a relationship, it means a verbal disagreement and arguments between the two partners. Conflict occurs whenever both partners disagree over their perceptions, expectations, ideas, emotions, intentions and motivations.

People can disagree and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Different people have different frame of mind, so they can have different opinions to their partners. Although having a conflict in your relationship is normal, it is also an indication that certain parts of your relationship are not working fine. Conflict can arise about anything, e.g. which movie to watch, which friends to hang out with, where to eat dinner, when to go for a picnic and etc. No matter what, the reason for conflict should be resolved quickly to make your relationship stronger and to take it to the next level.

Both partners cannot be expected to agree on everything all the time, so instead of avoiding the conflict, learning how to deal with and resolve the current conflict is very important for maintaining a healthy relationship. If a conflict is left unresolved or not properly managed, it can seriously harm the relationship. However, if handled in a respectful and positive way, conflict can strengthen the bond between the two individuals.

As we all know, conflicts are normal and they arise in almost every relationship. So let us talk about some of the best ways to resolve conflicts in a relationship.

Stay Calm

If you ever experience a difference of opinion with your partner in any matter, the key is to stay calm when your partner is yelling. In such situations, it is very important to not raise your voice to avoid raising any conflict. When you have both calmed down after a quarrel or conflict, listen quietly to the arguments of your partner even if you do not agree with them. It will help to resolve the conflicts quickly.

Pick the Right Time

Picking the right time is very important towards resolving a conflict. Always remember problem solving works well when one is not hungry, tired, distracted, stressed, overloaded or trying to do something else at that time. So if your partner is in any of these situations, do not start talking about resolving the conflict. It is better to save such big talks for a better time when you both are free and in a position or mood to have some longer discussion.

Practice Loving Acceptance

Instead of always complaining about the shortcomings of your partner, try to master the art of accepting and valuing your partner for who he or she is, and it can really help in resolving your relationship conflicts and problems, and yes it really works. This loving attitude is a good way to melt defenses and inspires both partners to keep each other happy and pleased.

Grab the Small Opportunities and Learn from them

Practice your problem solving skills whenever a small issue arises between you and your spouse. Even moments of minor tension can help you when learning and improving your problem solving skills. Discuss each other’s concerns wisely and look for the best solutions. If you practice this skill regularly, this will help in strengthening your relationship and resolving your conflicts.

Create a Sense of Equality

Try to ensure that both of you have equal opportunity to discuss your concerns and ideas in order to solve your problems, as this will create a sense of shared power and equality in both partners. If your partner is in an aggressive mood, speak less and listen more and ask your partner to say more. The best technique is to listen to the concerns of your partner quietly even if they are long. Both partners should respect and give each other some time to reconsider the scenarios.

Be the First to Apologise

Well, waiting for your partner to apologise first is an old fashioned technique, but it is vindicating. On the other hand side, if you always apologise first even if you have not made a mistake, this will show your spouse how loving and caring you are and how much you respect and love this relationship. It is a great technique to resolve the conflicts.

Happily Admit That You are Wrong

Whether you have made a mistake or not, always be ready to admit that you have made a mistake. It is a wonderful way of resolving conflicts as your partner knows that you are not wrong and you are just pretending in order to resolve the conflict. This positive attitude strengthens your relationship and increases trust and affection for each other.


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