Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me

Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me If your relationship is on the rocks and you are wondering, “Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me?”, this is the million dollar question, isn’t it? When things are not going well in any relationship it is very easy to let all of our insecurities boil up to the surface Continue reading

Treat Your Spouse as Your Friend

Treat Your Spouse as Your Friend Friends are evermore. Even if you move out of town or adopt residence abroad, most people will always preserve their friendships. You surely won’t divorce your friends just because of a misinterpretation. Therefore if you Treat Your Spouse as Your Friend, you likely won’t ever require a divorce lawyer Continue reading

Differences Make A Marriage Interesting

Differences Make A Marriage Interesting Men and women comprehend emotion, communicating, sexuality, faithfulness, work and income because of the way that they have been socialised. Also, because they’ve been influenced by their own parents’ perceptual experience. They bring these ideas to the marriage and therefore have their own baggage of notions. Ideas regarding what is passable Continue reading

Kind Words Will Prevent a Divorce

Kind Words Will Prevent a Divorce Words, when used incorrectly, will push your partner away. Kind Words Will Prevent a Divorce. Our tongue is the most vicious weapon of all. When people are frightened, they do and say things that they would not normally do or say. Sometimes they are cruel, trying to hurt one another Continue reading

How to Prevent a Divorce

How to Prevent a Divorce For the next few articles, we’re doing a series on How to Prevent a Divorce. Contained in this series are some really crucial and fundamental precepts. Get familiar with these if you truly, really, genuinely wish to win back the one you love and save your marriage! 

Abuse of Power

Here in this article, we use the technologies of Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis to help break the contracts and agreements that were made in our unaware state prior to our birth, which were inserted into our DNA. Speak these words aloud to yourself in order to break all spiritual contracts that take away your sovereign Continue reading

Setting Boundaries with Friends

Setting Boundaries With Friends Have you ever had a friend that no matter what you told her, she always came up with a better way to do the thing that you want to do? Or she has a different option about what you should buy to what you have said you’re about to buy? Or she has Continue reading

Try These 3 Things

For a richer experience of life, Try These 3 Things …… If you want a richer experience of life, then you need to Try These 3 Things. Start by being aware of how your thoughts, words and actions are contributing to (or working against) your peace of mind and how they contribute to the degree of Continue reading

Remedy a Tense Situation After a Fight

Remedy a Tense Situation After a Fight In a normal and healthy relationship, have you had a fight with your partner? Do you often experience problems in your relationship due to such fights? Fights and disagreements are normal in a healthy relationship and you really shouldn’t worry too much about them. Most couples figure out Continue reading

Creative Ways to Stand Up To Bullies

Creative Ways to Stand Up to Bullies When a person or a group of people uses force, coercion or intimidation for aggressively abusing or dominating others, it is known as bullying. This bullying behavior is often repeated and habitual. Bullying can be physical, sexual, or emotional which is often expressed in a verbal way. Some Continue reading