What Women Want From a Man

What Women Want From a Man Every man has been in this situation at some point in his life where he wants to know What Women Want From a Man. Asking the simple question, “What does she want from me?” Every man should be able to answer this question before trying to woo a woman. Continue reading

How to Not Be the Abuser

How not to be the Abuser Written by AB Having a relationship is an important element of human life and everybody wants a true and sincere relationship. But how many relationships are based on mutual understanding and respect? If you are in a relationship and you’d like to make sure that you are doing the Continue reading

Loving Relationships

Loving Relationships Author: Rasheda Abdulla How many times have we imagined what it will be like to be in love? From how they look, what race or nationality they will be to how much money they will make. Oh we know. Along with the aesthetics of our love to be, we know how we want Continue reading

Trust and Honesty

~♥~ In any relationship we must be able to trust if we want the relationship to work. As women we often know when our man is lying to us – men seem to often tell lies to save having to explain themselves. However, we too must earn the trust of our partner by demonstrating that Continue reading