Manifest A Soulmate Step One

Manifest A Soulmate Step One

Manifest A Soulmate Step One

Throughout the month of July we’re focusing on some easy steps towards attracting the love of your life to you. This article is about how to Manifest A Soulmate Step One. Everyone has a soulmate. In fact, most people have multiple soulmates,  but it depends on what your purpose is as to whether or not you manifest one of your soulmates or, on the other hand, your twin flame.

Don’t Compromise

You should never compromise on having what you want. The only thing that prevents you from having it is the belief hat you can’t have it. You don’t have to settle for someone who is merely compatible. If he or she is merely compatible but not perfectly matched in every way, you’re not going to make it through the many years that one hopes to spend with their life partner. There must be some spark between you if you’re going to be together for that long.  Raise the bar – be choosy. Don’t settle for good enough when good enough won’t keep you there for long enough.

Why on earth would anyone settle for anything less than full-on, passionate soulmate love?  I realise that people do settle for less, but why do they feel that they need to do that? I guess for some women, finding someone who can provide financial security is more important than finding a soulmate. They may have grown up without a father who provided a financially secure home, so they are driven by this fear. But heck, what a horrible compromise to have to make in life.

What Is A Soulmate?

What is the definition of a soulmate? A soulmate is someone who will reflect back to you all aspects of who you are, both good and bad. In the spiritual dimensions, they are usually one of our soul brothers or sisters. They are people who journey with us through life, either for a short period of time or for the whole of our lives.

Most people will unite with at least two or three soulmates during their lives. Usually, the only thing standing in the way of this union is you (and possibly divine timing). Sometimes circumstances will delay you being together but ultimately, you will find one another.

How Does a Soulmate Act?

Your soulmate will be highly supportive of you, make you feel more yourself than you’ve ever been. You will be wildly excited about them and have crackling chemistry. If you have done the work to process your shadow, the relationship will flow easily with minimum fuss or drama. If you’ve had a lack of success in past relationships, you might find that the successful union of a soulmate relationship might take some getting used to. Taking the steps that are in this series of articles will make love happen quicker for you.

Throughout the month of July we’re going to look at some easy steps to help you find or attract your soulmate. The people who have followed these steps are now in happy relationships. So if you apply these instructions, you too can walk hand-in-hand with your very own One!!

Let’s Begin with Step One

Remove everything in the way of love: beliefs, people, vibrations, superstitions. Let go of every block you have to love, and it can’t help but show up!!

What It Is

Most of the blocks that people have to love fall into three categories: beliefs, people and vibrations.

Many don’t even realise that they have one of these barriers to love, but unbeknownst to them, it is keeping love away from them. Once you become aware of your blocks it’s not that hard to get rid of them.


Have you ever commiserated with a friend over how hard dating is? Have you ever commented “there are just no good men (or women) left in this town!”? Or do you have a secret fear that maybe everyone gets love but you? That you are left out? All of these are examples of beliefs that will keep love from you. Your beliefs will act as true until you substitute them for a better belief.

Other common beliefs that people harbour that keep love from them:

  • I am too overweight for love. No one could love me like this.
  • I am too old for love. Love has passed me by.
  • I am too messed up for love, so I need lots of therapy and healing first.
  • I have too many skeletons in my closet for love.
  • Love equals pain and I just can’t deal with more pain.
  • Dating is hard and I refuse to do it.

Some beliefs fall into the realm of superstition:

  • My ex cursed me to live a loveless life.
  • I did too many horrible things in my life and I’m doomed to be alone.
  • All my friends are hooking up around me. I just know I’ll be the only one left single.


Attachment to an ex is a huge issue that can keep love from you. Attachment can range from being obsessed to simply saying that your ex was the best relationship you’ve ever had and you feel like you missed the boat. It is critically important to let go.

It is natural to get attached. Babies would die without a primary attachment to a caregiver and when you are attached to a love, it’s one of the best feelings of Oneness that there is. It’s also common to think of your last great love when you are single and feeling lonely. But all of this can get in the way, and when it’s time to detach, you need to be willing to go through the grieving (even the pain) so that you can be open for future love. If it’s not happening right now, you owe it to yourself not to put your life on hold but instead move on.

Energy Levels

If you are operating at a low vibration, it is impossible to attract your soulmate though you could attract something else, a low level, highly unsatisfactory liaison.

If you regularly have an energy of desperation, of sexuality (to the exclusion of other connection) or of depression, you are vibrating at the low levels. That energy is not right for attracting the high level love that is soulmate love. Society knows this on some level which is why we tend to shy away from relationships based solely on sex. These types of encounters ie. one night stands and bar hookups, are labelled as “cheap” because they are of a low vibration.

Another energy that is extremely low-level is one of competition. Love has nothing to do with competition and if you are vying to see who gets the girl or who can attract the most dates, you might have fun but you will not attract your soulmate.

Example One

Nicole was always self-conscious of her overweight status. The fear that no one could love her “as is” was re-enforced by well-meaning friends and relatives who urged her to lose weight. One thoughtless friend went so far as to say: “No man can love a woman as big as you.” Ouch!

Nicole had to work on releasing the belief that her extra weight would keep love from her. She concentrated on seeing the beauty of her being and before long, she attracted John. He was a dynamic, handsome man, highly sought-after, but he had always preferred women with some meat on their bones and big breasts.

Everyone wondered if John would ever settle down, and when he met Nicole, he was hooked. Nicole couldn’t believe this hunky guy was saying all of the things she had always wanted to hear. They are now married with two children.

Example Two

Crystal dated Rodrigo for 2 years, but it was a volatile relationship. They broke up and got back together 5 times, and their friends were tired of the constant drama. Finally, Crystal said, “enough!” But though she broke up, she constantly thought of him and was  miserable. Occasionally, they would meet for some so-called closure, but they always ended up back in bed.

After a year of being broken up, but still quite attached, Crystal wasn’t willing to go through any more pain. She made a clean break, did a release ritual and practiced tools for letting go any time the thought of Rodrigo haunted her (or when he would text message her, trying to reengage with her.) It wasn’t easy, but she finally broke the spell that he had over her and felt free and ready to move on.

Within a few months, she met David, who is the love of her life. She couldn’t believe what a smooth and easy relationship they had – no fighting or breakups. It took some getting used to, but she finally accepted that she deserved this love and that it really could be this good without going away. Crystal and David are now engaged and all thoughts of Rodrigo are a distant memory.

Example Three

Alex was what you would call a “player.” He was great at picking up women in bars. He was the guy who always got the girl, and he even made it a game with friends to see who could win the attention of a hot babe at a party. He caught herpes, which is something he’ll always have to deal with now, left quite a crowd of angry women in his wake and was deeply unhappy. His machinations shored up his fragile ego, but all he really wanted is a real connection, not the empty one-night stands he often substituted for love.

He finally hit a wall, when he attended yet another wedding of a friend (this one a nerdy friend who was the last guy that Alex imagined finding true love) and found himself reflexively picking up on one of the bridesmaids. Alex realised that the path he was on would never lead to love, and a friend pointed him to my work. He worked on raising his vibration and learning to approach women differently. He began to meditate and read self-help books. And he worked on concentrating on friendship with women first before using all of his low-level energies to seduce her.

As Alex began hanging out in higher vibrations, his love life changed. He attracted women more to his liking and was surprised to find out how much he enjoyed really connecting. This led to Rose – his friends dropped his teeth when they met her because she was not his usual type – she was classy, brainy and demure. Alex and Rose got married and she is now pregnant with their child.


Read back over Step One and write down every belief, every superstition, every person and every low vibration you need to get rid of. Using this list, write a separate list of how you will release each one.

For example, I will affirm that “My soulmate loves me at my very age,” “I release Greg right now,” “I will no longer get desperate at singles events and let my vibration get that low.”

Take the first list, all of the things that you’re willing to let go of and shred it into little pieces. Then, burn the pieces if if you can. Carry around the 2nd list, of positive intentions to remind yourself of what you’re willing to accept in your life. Add to them as you can and look around for the evidence that your former blocks are not true and are dissolving.

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