Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend Love is a wonderful experience that most everyone goes through. Your heart thumps whenever you think of your lover. You cannot wait to be around them and it is simply a good feeling to have. Part of what makes being in love so good is that you found Continue reading

Manifest A Soulmate Step Three

Manifest A Soulmate Step Three The biggest lesson that you’ll ever learn in our July series on how to Manifest A Soulmate Step Three is how to get into alignment with who you are… with your true self. One of the major problems that’s encountered in the search for love is Not Thoroughly Valuing Oneself. Many Continue reading

Overcoming Bashfulness

Overcoming Bashfulness This is the second in our series of articles this month for teens. Shyness with members of the opposite sex is common among young people. You are not alone in this problem. Overcoming Bashfulness and getting over self-consciousness to the point where you can relax and be friendly with those you most admire Continue reading

Empowering Your Ability to Love

Empowering Your Ability to Love Empowerment is the quickening power that moves you to do things that you never thought you could do. It is life changing and a key to your dreams. Empowerment resides in your spirit. It is just like a hidden treasure that longs to be found. So, how do you go about Empowering Continue reading

Traditional vs Modern Courtship

Traditional vs Modern Courtship The month of May’s articles are about developing an Empowered Love. Ideas about love become even broader as time passes by. Though the ideas of love are quite comprehensive, you don’t have to be confused. Whether past or modern times, you can easily understand what love is. To know more about Traditional vs Modern Continue reading