On Marriage And Married Life

ariston andri ktaema sympathaes gunae. ~ Hippothoon Marriage laws are framed, not for or by the likes and dislikes of men and women, but by the exigencies of social, often of political, economy. Therefore Men and women’s likes and dislikes are obliged to conform to the usages demanded by social and political economy: so In Continue reading

Quotes On Women

Quotes on Women Here in this article are a series of Quotes On Women. It’s interesting to read the many perspectives that people have about the female half of the population throughout the centuries. Many of these quotes are very old. Some no longer apply, but all are interesting to read.

How To Be Affectionate With Your Girlfriend

How To Be Affectionate With Your Girlfriend Why do relationships need to be so difficult? Wouldn’t it be great if a man and woman could get along, with each perfectly fulfilling the needs of the other? Well, it may be nice for that to happen, but that’s not the way it works in the real Continue reading

Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend Love is a wonderful experience that most everyone goes through. Your heart thumps whenever you think of your lover. You cannot wait to be around them and it is simply a good feeling to have. Part of what makes being in love so good is that you found Continue reading