Mary’s Experience of Domestic Violence

Mary’s Experience of Domestic Violence It was love at first sight when I met my boyfriend James at a football game in high school. He and I met when my friends and I were leaving after the game, and he and I accidentally bumped into each other. It was match made it in heaven when Continue reading

Link Between Eating Disorders and Sexual Abuse

Link Between Eating Disorders and Sexual Abuse The link between eating disorders and sexual abuse has gained a great deal of attention in the past few years. Much research has been conducted in order to discover the link between eating disorders and sexually or emotionally abused women. Many females who undergo treatment of eating disorders have experienced Continue reading

Wounds that Prevent Intimacy

Wounds the Prevent Intimacy Many women grow up believing that life will be wonderful. They expect that there will be a happy-ever-after ending by about the age of 24 or so. Often this doesn’t occur, because we’re confronted with the pain of many generations gone. Not to mention the build-up of experiences over the course Continue reading

Sex Without Consent is Rape

Sex Without Consent is Rape No matter what a guy says, if the woman that he’s attempting to have sex with hasn’t said yes with full knowledge of what she’s doing, it’s rape. So many young people go out and have a night out on the town, fill themselves with drugs and alcohol, and then Continue reading

What to Do if your Friend Discloses Sexual Assault to You

Believe them. Even if their story is difficult to hear and if you know the other person(s) involved, believe what you hear. Most people who come forward are telling the truth.  You may be the first person they tell their experience to.

Healing the Feminine Wound

For a long time sex was the only currency a woman had. And for a long time a woman had to pay. We became imprinted with this idea that sex is barter, trade for love, care, security. Men became imprinted that somehow we owed it to them.

About Love Honour and Respect

About Love Honour and Respect This site is about Love, Honour and Respect, and is the education arm of the Loving Heart Foundation Australia. We are a community foundation that aims to provide teens and adults with clear and accurate information on: sexual harassment; sexual assault; and dating, gender and domestic violence, which can hopefully Continue reading