Link Between Eating Disorders and Sexual Abuse

Link Between Eating Disorders and Sexual Abuse The link between eating disorders and sexual abuse has gained a great deal of attention in the past few years. Much research has been conducted in order to discover the link between eating disorders and sexually or emotionally abused women. Many females who undergo treatment of eating disorders have experienced Continue reading

Crimes of Passion by O.L.

Crimes of Passion Why does it hurt every time she cries? Please give her a reason, She needs to know why. Why is she afraid of losing the one she loves? When all he does is hurt her, She can no longer tell whether she has had enough.

Wounds that Prevent Intimacy

Wounds the Prevent Intimacy Many women grow up believing that life will be wonderful. They expect that there will be a happy-ever-after ending by about the age of 24 or so. Often this doesn’t occur, because we’re confronted with the pain of many generations gone. Not to mention the build-up of experiences over the course Continue reading

The New Dignity

The New Dignity  by Stuart Wilde In a world that is degrading in its moral standards and the treatment of others, we seek to discover a new dignity – not a pomposity or a grand, vainglorious stance, but a silent composure that speaks of one who is strong and well versed in his or her Continue reading