A Special Promise To Be There

a special promise to be there

A Special Promise To Be There

There are a thousand things that I would like to be for you, but one of the most important is just being someone you can talk to. There are so many things I would like to do for you and so many things I would like to say and give and share. It would take me a lifetime to list all the reasons why you are so important to me. But I would like to make a special promise to be there for you too.

It would take me forever to find words for all the thanks I would like to express…. for all the deeply reassuring feelings that I have felt in your acceptance of me. Your acceptance of me gives me the strength to be myself, and to act authentically in all the things that I do and with all the people that I meet. I have more trust in myself and my ability to make the right decisions. It’s because of you that I am able to do that.

But for now, I just want you to know that in addition to all the love I can possibly give, I promise to be your friend for as long as I live. I’ll always be there and I’ll always care, while ever I am still breathing and while ever the sun still shines.

~.* *.~

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