Peer Pressure – an article for Teens

peer pressure

Peer Pressure

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Every day teenagers and young adults are been tempted to do a lot of things that they don’t want to do, however, because of peer pressure and the fact that many of their friends are doing the thing that might not be so good for them, young teens who are seeking acceptance by their peers get involved in it also. So here is a short story of how a young girl is also tempted by her friends. Will she give in to them or will she fight for her own independence? Well let’s get started and find out. I do hope you enjoy my first article on this site.

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My name is Maria Jones and I have been going to my high school for three years and am now in year 9, enjoying the few friends that I have. I live at home with my mother, however my father left when I was just a baby – my brave mother told me that my dad did not want to be tied down by our little family at such a young age, so he left. Of course, my mother was devastated, but because of me (her only child) she pushed though and now she is happy with just the two of us.

Today is a great day for me because I have begun a new year and a new class with some of my old friends and many new faces. As I enter the class room with my friends I feel at home at last, like this is where I was supposed to be all along. The teacher – Mrs. Davis – who has been with the school over the last ten years, is a very neat well-dressed teacher who enjoys teaching English language to her class. I sit down near the window and sitting across from me is the hottest guy in school, David Welsh. He has wavy golden hair, and eyes that look like the clear blue sky. He is so very handsome and I have had a crush on him for a while now.

He looks at me smiling with those beautiful white pearls inside his mouth; I just kept staring at him. “Hi” he finally said to me. “Hi” I say back, still staring at him. After that he turned back and began to pay attention to class with no other words or glance. I was awe struck. I was beginning to think that he might like me.

After that day it was the same hint, looking at me and the simple hi coming from him. I decide to meet up with my friend Jessica after lunch one day but when I met up with her she was with a guy. Jessica had never told me that she was with anyone, much less dating, so I was curious.

“Hi Jessica,” I said. “Who is your friend?”

“He is my boyfriend we have been dating since the summer” Jessica explains. I say hi to him and pull her aside, questioning why she never told me this before. After all, she is supposed to be my best friend so she should have told me. I am a bit upset, but I calm down after she tells me that they were going to a friend’s house after school and that she wants me to come along to hang out, and that the guy that I like – David – will be there.

I hug her and go to my class, thinking about what’s going to happen after school. I can’t wait, so after school I rush home and to change into something casual, and then head towards the address that Jessica wrote down for me. I get off the bus near the house and go knock on the door. There is music coming from inside so I wonder if anyone will be able to hear me, but to my surprise Jessica opens the door and lets me in.

“So this is a party?” I asked her, going inside and looking around.

“Something like that,” she said, and led me to the living area of the room where everyone was paired up with each other. At least eight couples were in the room. I was a bit scared and nervous so I sat on the one remaining empty sofa and just stared at the ground wondering what I was doing here. There was smoking going on from the way the room smell and everyone was drinking liquor, even my friend Jessica who came back with two drinks in her hand.

I am shocked as she offered it to me and I quickly say, “No thank you.” Yet she still insists that I take it from her. I stood firm, still saying no, so she just shakes her shoulders and goes and sits in the darkest corner with her boyfriend, who took the liquor from her and drank it in one swift move.

I am about to get up to go when I see David coming towards me. He sits beside me and asks if I like him. I am too stunned, so I just nod. Next thing I know he is kissing me for the first time in my life. Again I am stunned until I fight what my body is feeling and push him away. He is surprised that I can resist him like that with everyone there. I try to get up but he forces me to kiss him again. I struggle with him until my friend comes over and speaks to David about his behaviour. He curses and leaves the party, and I hurriedly do the same and race home, telling my mother all that has transpired this day.

My friend Jessica still hangs out with those people and because of that I stay away from her. A few months after the incident of peer pressure, she ends up pregnant, unsure of who the father of her baby is. I feel sorry for her to this day because I could have ended up like her. Obviously, this is what happens sometimes when you let your friends lead you into things that you yourself know you are not ready for.

So teenagers and young adults, peer pressure is a difficult temptation and if you are not careful you can be led the same way that Jessica was led, or even worse – you might find yourself in a situation where he doesn’t listen to your “No”. Therefore, before you decide to take part or give in, talk to someone – your parents, your adult friends – because they will assist you and help you to see that it is probably the wrong path for you, and they will give you the support you need to keep staying on the right path.

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