Story of a Woman

story of a woman

He: I am sorry I hit you. Believe me I didn’t mean to be so harsh! How could I do that to the one I love?”

I: “But you did hit me, and you think that saying sorry will erase all the pain I went through!  How could you be so barbaric?”

He: “Believe me baby, I didn’t intend to do that. It just came involuntarily; I am extremely sorry.”

Saying this he held me closely and by kissing my forehead, he smiled and requested once again to forgive him. I had to…. after all he was my all and all in this world!


Life could be so beautiful! I couldn’t imagine that. I was amongst the few lucky ones who were able to marry the one they loved. Richard was my love, and as said by someone ‘I loved him to the moon and back’. I felt myself floating in the air when I came to know that he possessed the same feelings as do I. After dating a few days, we both concluded to tie ourselves in marital relationship; a thought which made me suppose myself the luckiest lady in the world!


I:Richard, I found a picture of a woman in your diary. Who is she?”

He: “Oh, she is Merlyn. She had been in my life before you came. It was a brief relation which exists no more.”

I: “You should have told me about this romance of yours before marriage!”

He: “Does it matter? Don’t you trust me?”

I: “Of course I trust you, but I must know about all the woman who had been a part of your life.”

He: “Enough of it! No argument! just keep quiet.”

I kept quiet and as I thought his ego had been hurt so I apologised. After all, I didn’t want to ruin my happiness.


He: “Some friends are coming home this weekend. Do prepare some dishes & dress smartly for the occasion!”

I: “I have a consultation with doctor. Do ask your friends to come over next week”

He: “You must postpone your consultation & entertain my guests. I have committed”

I: “My health is more important than your get together!” He slapped me.

I was stunned for few seconds, it was the first time he hit.

We were about to had a baby. We both were excited about the new member especially I who thought that the infant would restore the lost intimacy, would melt the ice which had started accumulating on Richard’s heart.


I must admit that Richard was a good father. He kept Sarah nearer and dearer to him and was grieved at every single tear her eyes shed. I was happy seeing his love for my baby which grew stronger day by day. I was happy. My daughter had a father!

We organised a special 1st birthday party for Sarah. We both spend lavishly unmindful of mediocre economic conditions. The after effects, we had to face.

He:I told you to cut down your expenses. Look at the bills! How could you be so careless?!”

I: “The bills are as usual & as far as my expenses are concerned. I have spend only on necessities.”

He: “You owe all the bills. Now pay the bills.”

I: “How could I?” He slapped me.


Sitting in the dark room. I was constantly thinking about my future perspective. I had two choices; whether to bear insult at the hands of Richard or to leave him. Should I deprive Sarah of her father? A fatherless mum making her baby fatherless too. No, never!, I decided to stay.

I might have kept my word if it didn’t happen, which changed the course of our lives.


A friend of mine dropped me late night to my home. We had a get together along with other friends and as he thought it was unsafe to go by myself, he volunteered.

He: So, he is the man you have been dating?”

With amazement in my eyes, I tried to remain super cool & explained that he was just a friend.

He:Then why are you alone with him till this hour of night? You must not hinder your relation to this man. I doubted that you are a loose character woman but now I am sure.” I left.


Leaving Richard was a tough decision especially from Sarah’s perspective. But now when I see Sarah growing up in a free environment away from any violence, I feel the decision to be right. I must not bring all the colors to her life but I am able to restore most of them. I am sure.

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