Child Abuse through Religion

abuse through religion 3

Mothers, be careful how you deal with your children.  You do not have a right the threaten or cajole a child into doing what you want using anything other than your OWN authority. You cannot bring other people  into your demands for good behaviour, for example, saying things like ”what do you think the neighbours will think of you if you do such and such….”, and “Just wait until your father hears about this,” for behaviour that you can deal with yourself.

Also, you are very unwise to bring a God that you don’t even know exists into your arguments with your kids.  You don’t know the mind of anyone other than yourself, so who do you think you are to do that to your children?  Think about it.  A good and fair way to deal with children is to say to them “Mummy wants you to do this because Mummy knows that it’s best and safest for you to do it.”  Any other argument is psychological child abuse. If the child still refuses to do what he or she is told, then you can restrict their privileges as a consequence of rebellious behaviour, but you make the decision and your child should hear that it was your decision to do so, nobody else’s.