Why Men Love Bitches

The title of Sherry Argov’s book isn’t referring to a woman who is constantly in someone’s face. It’s about women who have enough value and respect for themselves to not fall into the trap of being their partner’s doormat. I would highly recommend that all women read this book if they haven’t ready. It definitely Continue reading

Did You Know?

Young girls often don’t recognise the signs of an unhealthy relationship before it’s too late.  If your boyfriend has outbursts that are beyond what a normal young man would have, then it’s time to become very aware of his behaviour in order to decide if you should stay with him or not. You don’t have Continue reading

Five ways to say NO!

Five Ways to Say NO! There are Five Ways to Say No! Let’s look at how to go about that. The ultimate best way to say no is prior to going on a date, to tell your date that you have no intentions of sleeping with him at the end of the evening. If he’s Continue reading

Courtship and Female Intuition

Today’s values seem to make any kind of behaviour ok, and as such, there is alot of confusion about how to create a good strong foundation for a relationship. I was born in the sixties and grew up with a certain amount of influence from my local fellowship and church. I was taught during my Continue reading

Recognising Psychological Abuse

The 21st century has opened up more information that women can draw upon due to the printing press, the Internet and the media (although, take a lot of what is presented to you on the television with a grain of salt). This means that women are much more aware that they can have a bigger Continue reading

The Wisdom of the Warrior

A warrior has one true friend. Only one man or woman he or she can rely on. Who is that one? It is yourself. So you feed your body well; you train it; work on it. Where you lack skill, you practice. Where you lack knowledge, you study. But above all you must believe. You Continue reading

What to Do if your Friend Discloses Sexual Assault to You

Believe them. Even if their story is difficult to hear and if you know the other person(s) involved, believe what you hear. Most people who come forward are telling the truth.  You may be the first person they tell their experience to.