Where To Find Potential Partners

Where to Find Potential Partners

Where To Find Potential Partners

Ever wanted some hot stud or picture perfect arm candy? Hell yeah. Is it difficult? Not entirely so. Here’s a few tips on Where To Find Potential Partners.

Any teenager or young adult’s tendency is crave for someone that’s everything they’ve ever wanted. They have this perfect picture in their head of what true love’s supposed to be. Maybe that’s why there are so many heartbreak songs on the radio. People get extremely anxious if they are about to date a person. And expectations – they’ll just be the death of you.

Helping you find a great date is our motive. Here are some cool tips and ideas for your dating dilemmas!


Visit popular places where you know a lot of different groups of people frequent. Be present in mind and in body. Try to mingle with lots of different people and be the first to start the conversation. Visit various places like clubs, parks, libraries and public functions where the vibe’s all good and everyone’s enjoying themselves.

Get to know people. You cannot judge someone by just having a look at them. That’s a Mortal Sin in the rules of attraction. You can start a small conversation by saying “Hi”. Keep it light and friendly. Don’t force yourself onto others. If you’re lucky, the conversation could stretch longer and you can have a shot at asking this guy or girl other more gutsy questions like family and friends. It gives them comfort to talk about such topics.

Ask them if they are interested in being friends. With so many social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter, keeping in touch is as easing as flying a kite. Don’t hesitate to ask! A friend request can go a long way. Suppose they say yes in becoming friends with you, do not jump in joy. Try to be calm and cool and just ask them where you can meet them the next time. Acting like a 5 year old in iHop will start raising eyebrows. Be cool.

There is no such thing as being fashionably late. It’s rude and it will lead to nothing but trouble! Avoid this by preparing everything that you need for the date beforehand. Your outfit, cash, a present maybe. Give yourself the time that is needed to get ready and make sure you get there on the proper time. This is sure to get you points, plus, it’s a very good practice.


If your object of affection is in the same class at school or college as you are, that’s a bonus. Proximity is one of the best ways in getting to know someone better, as well as an element in attraction. Make her laugh or lend him a pencil. Get to know that guy or girl better. Hey! You can even suggest you two go on a study date!

After the two of you start to get talking, try figuring out what your new friend’s interests are. This is a good way to establish a good relationship with them, as well as get to know him or her better.

If you’re feeling confident, the next step would be asking them out on a date. But if you’re not brave enough to label it as a date, try using the term “hang out” or maybe go together to a mutual friend’s party. Either way they’ll get the picture of you initiating a date, and the rest will fall in to place.

Make sure to make it worth the wait, time and effort! Don’t let them go home feeling indifferent. Now is your chance to be with this guy or girl and make them feel really, really happy. Therefore it is very important that both of you end the date with a big smile slapped on your faces…maybe even a lipstick mark on the cheek, if you’re good.


If and when they reject you, don’t sweat. That’s just one person that passed on an opportunity to be with you. It is not a loss. Do not lose confidence. It might get you down, but don’t let it keep you down. Stay strong willed and remind yourself that there is somebody out there who’d love to go out with you.

All set? We’ve covered the basics of confidence building. But keep going, because there’s more. Read on with the next article, tiger!

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