Have You Found Your Compatible Match?

Have You Found Your Compatible Match

Have You Found Your Compatible Match?

The question to ask when you’re going through the dating process is, “Have You Found Your Compatible Match?” before you even think about hooking up. A new relationship’s success is often taken for granted when you’re eager to get involved. You turn a blind eye to the incompatibilities and always forgot to read the signs along the way. You’re caught up in the romance of it all.

Failed Attempts

However, the road that you were planning to travel along with your partner often comes to a dead end. It was filled with all the signs that your relationship wouldn’t work. The fact that you ignored the signs doesn’t change what is obvious. Everything that you have experienced so far is a farce and a mistake.

Erasing the Past

It is human nature to conveniently forget past emotional beatings from lovers and put aside one’s anxieties. Most will erase the feeling of dysfunction and inadequacy as they move on from a relationship. Everyone wishes for a better result and more stability from their next relationship. It’s expected that you will start fresh from ground zero. But are you the fly which enters the trap of the Venus flycatcher, thinking that it can escape from the trap unharmed?

You must be crazy to think that way.

Learn From the Past

Learn from your past and take the necessary precautions before taking the next step. Nobody can avoid the ups and downs of a new relationship. You have experienced it before but every time you look for a partner you let down your guard and then find yourself in the same situation. Grow up; haven’t you had your share of drama queens or uncaring guys using you like a ball? Codependent individuals who are unable to sustain themselves, who suck the life out of you while demanding that you pay them attention?

Find Someone Decent

How about hooking up with someone who really cares about you? Can you visualise spending time with someone who respects you and takes part in your daily activities? Wouldn’t you love to live with someone whose own values, goals and dreams match your own vision of the future? I know that I would. The way to manifest someone like that is to imagine that it is already happening. See it in your mind’s eye and make it as real as possible. Then you open the doors within yourself to allowing it to really happen.

Be Patient

It does take time. There’s no 100% guarantee that you will find someone with perfect compatibility. There’s especially no guarantee that you will meet anyone like that if you don’t work to heal yourself from the traumas of the past either. If you haven’t worked towards becoming the best possible partner, then how can you expect to meet the best possible partner? It is only through doing the work to heal yourself that you will clear the way to meet your most compatible match.

Aim for Compatibility

Compatibility issues are common to a lot of relationships. Too many people take the plunge without realising that their relationship is doomed. In the process of getting to know one another people forget to communicate about the important things in life. How can you find out if you’re suited if you don’t ask the questions to discover what your potential mate’s goals, dreams and values are? Compatibility with one another will ensure that there are far less issues to deal with when you get into a relationship.

Look For a Positive Attitude

Attitude problems and negative emotions form an impenetrable wall of silence. Make sure that both of you have a positive attitude. A date is an interview for a job – the job of loving partner. You should always arrive at the date with the objective in mind of finding out if he or she will fit the role. If they do, then you must have the desire to stay and work on things. So should he or she, otherwise one of you will walk out. Your desire to stay together is most important. It will see you through the rough patches and will help you form a strong bond.

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