Five Minute Speed Dating

Five Minute Speed Dating

Five Minute Speed Dating

Our February articles are written for teens – the Teenager’s Guide to Dating – and our first article is about Speed Dating. If you’re on a speed date, you’re bombarded with a gigantic amount of personal info within a very short period of time. This may be a bit overpowering, particularly when you’re assessing which individual you’d like to see again, as well as startling, since you’d want to be on your toes to impress, but your dates are all up in your face. Not to worry though, with this marvelous series of articles, you’ve got a wingman and life and love guru all in one!

You’ve Only Got Five Minutes

As you only have a few minutes, focus on the significant things. First try to figure out whether or not this man or woman is suited for you. Within a couple of minutes you’ll already be getting a certain feel from him or her. Whether it’s a good thing or not, you have every bit of power to steer the date your course of direction, so to speak. You must emit a confident, driven and likeable energy. That way your date would feel more comfortable and conversations will by easy.

It’s also a practice of good judgment. Keeping an open mind is key. Don’t shut yourself to the idea of seeing this man or woman until you get to know them. Zone in on what their life feels like, and whether or not he or she’s happy with it. In the long run, the success or failure of the date will depend upon the little things that the other individual does or says – just like in a conventional dating situation. The little things count.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Everyone prepares for dates in their own special way; may it be an elaborate bath routine or stress-relieving yoga positions to achieve the best state you can for the dating game. However the magical structure of speed dating requires that you at least have an idea of your dating preferences. Before you go into the sitting, a good trick would be to formulate a simple list of all your likes and dislikes.

It will help cross out some of the other time consuming elements. Also, narrow down all of your thoughts. This is so that you won’t stammer out things that you’ll later regret or feel stupid for. Be cool and keep it simple. Jot down personality quirks that irritate you and any likely “deal breakers”. These are traits or habits that you’d never wish to find in an individual whom you date. If any of your speed dates exhibit these traits, then you are able to speedily eliminate them as feasible companions.

Look for Favourable Traits

It likewise helps to compose a short mental list of favourable traits, too. Either things that you love, traits you’d like them to have, or things that you would like to undergo while dating. Remember, it never hurts to be a bit adventurous. And it’s all in the fun of speed dating, so go on ahead! But keep
in mind that all the rainbows and butterflies kick in during the relationship. Not within a couple of minutes of googley-eyed gazes and “so tell me more about yourself” lines.

What’s a Speed Date?

Here’s how it goes: Interested men and women assemble at a preset spot. While the women sit at individual tables, the men go around in 10 minute intervals till they’ve met and talked to each woman in the room. As the evening starts to wrap up the shindig, decide who interests you. Then let the event organiser know which individuals you’d like to see again. He or she will then hand out contact info. What you choose to do next is totally up to you! Now isn’t that fun?

Be Yourself!

During a speed dating event, too many individuals pretend to be somebody they’re not in hopes of getting others interested in them. They want to rake in a higher number of dates. This is a complete and total waste of time. The object of speed dating is to find a suitable and potential partner within 10 minutes of agonising fun. 10 minutes to find someone and impress them with just you. Not the shiny, fake image that you want to portray, but the real you who’s going to end up working hard for the relationship. The one who will either enjoy being in love or suffer with not only a broken heart, but an identity crisis now too! You owe it to yourself to be the best version of you whom you can be. So put your best face forward and love the skin that you’re in.

You Want “The Right One”, Not Just Someone

Think about it this way: if you wish to find somebody to be with for the long run and go on romantic dates with, and share the kind of loving you’re dying to give, they have to like you for who you are. Communicate. Reach out to that man or woman as who you are from the very beginning, the very first time you reach his or her table and the seconds start ticking. You won’t only discover that individual a whole lot better, but you might also discover the correct somebody. That someone who could finally, maybe, be “The Right One.” And that’s a big thing!

Have Your List Ready

The amusing thing about speed dating is that you only have five minutes to decide who you want to date! Just a good-sized amount of time to dive into the sea of chance. So you might as well make the best of it and have a couple of solid questions prepared. It’s likewise advantageous to have answers for these questions at the ready! Think about the most common sorts of questions you’re more than likely to be asked and devise a short response for each. There is nothing worse than bumbling for words on the spot. After all, you only have a few minutes to make that all-important initial impression. This is where the little list mentioned earlier is key.

Personal Informercial

It’s likewise a great idea to prepare a mini “Personal Infomercial”. Have a really short 1 to 2 minute life history about yourself ready. One that highlights a few favourable aspects of your personality. Have it memorised and ready to blurt at a seconds notice. Do keep it fun and light! This isn’t History class so easy on the walk down memory lane. Unless, of course, you want your date bored out of their minds.

Alright then! That sums it up. The following articles will delve into some other topics that you might like to be taught in. Plus some that you might not already know. As well as some very important instructions that you need to follow.

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