Our Movie Channel

Our Movie Channel

Our Movie Channel

We’ve set up a movie site of our own and given Youtube the flick! Here is a link to Our Movie Channel: Mind, Body, Heart and Soul .

Feel free to browse the many audios and videos from some of the amazing teachers that you will find there. Or watch a wholesome movie or two. We’re adding more movies whenever we get the time, so feel free to check on the site regularly.

The Teachers

The teachers on our channel include Stuart Wilde, Alan Watts,  Carlos Casteneda, Louise Hay, and Barry Long. Learn how to achieve balance in all that you do from these wonderful teachers.

Stuart Wilde was the most advanced metaphysician alive while he lived. He died in 2013, but his teachings are timeless and will live on to assist others long after he has passed. If you follow his teachings, starting with the first book he wrote and then reading through them all, you’ll be given the key to mastering this existence and going beyond it.

Carlos Casteneda’s books and audios will give you a recipe for going beyond physicality and arriving at a place where you can walk out of this dimension and into a celestial world if you so choose to do. Carlos’s books greatly influenced Stuart Wilde and helped him arrive at the place of mastery that he did.

Louise Hay has helped millions of women to raise their self esteem with her powerful affirmation books and audios. Alan Watts helps spiritual seekers to learn the way to the Tao, and Barry Long specialises in relationships and human sexuality.

So do head on over to Our Movie Channel today!

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Our Movie Channel