How to Define The Right Woman for You

How to Define the Right Woman for You

How to Define the Right Woman for You

We continue with our January articles on How to Court and Catch a Woman. Here we’ll look at the different versions of a good woman. A good woman will be the only woman who is right for you. Find the right woman and then strategise to get her, but first in that process is to define who the right woman might be for you. This article gives you tips on How to Define the Right Woman for You.

There’s Always an Abundance to Choose From

True, there are loads of women out there and finding the right woman may not always be easy. Especially in an era when the female gender is typically self-centered and “empowered” to exploit the male population.

However, you have to sort for your possible mate among a list of available women. In sorting, seek for compatibility instead of physical appearance. The common error that most men make is  that they overlook compatibility in favour of the physical appearance of the girl.

Don’t Just Go For Her Looks Alone

If you succeed in getting an attractive lady whom you are not compatible with, after a short while your relationship will be disastrous. So if you are searching for a serious relationship, a thorough filtering is the best way to ensure success.

The right women are out there, but the right women are becoming scarce in today’s world, so if you can find one of them, act fast, because every guy is looking for The Right Woman. Keep this in mind and keep your eyes open; she’ll come your way faster than you expect.

How do you know who’ll be The Right Woman for you?

The Charmer

Charmers are usually snapped out of the dating market so fast, because she is an optimistic woman, comfortable with her life, always bubbly and fun to be around. She is an authentic individual without any falsehood in her. She is appreciative, considerate and enjoys your company. If you can find one, you have got a real treasure in your hands, so do all that you can to get her.

Miss Equality

Miss Equality is a true feminist. Not one of the radical man-haters, or the hypocritical pseudo-feminists who think that equality is an equal rights and an equal salary and that a man has to pay for them. This Miss Equality genuinely likes her man. She understands that equality means a 50/50 partnership in the relationship. Consequently she is more than willing to shoulder her half of the relationship and dating expenses just because it is the right thing to do

Miss Best Friend

Miss Best Friend is another joy to be around. She is the kind of woman you are totally in tune with. You like the same things, watch the same TV shows, and enjoy visiting the same places. You can spend five minutes with her and think that you have known her for years. She is always on your side, laughs at your jokes, and calls you just to say “hi” because she genuinely misses you. She’s great just to hang with.

A word of warning, though – with Miss Best Friend, you have to make your sexual interest known from day one. Why? Because if she gets it into her head that you are going to be “just friends,” it’s almost impossible to change her mind.

Miss Frank

Miss Frank knows how to communicate. With Miss Frank, there are no games and no expecting men to be mind-readers. There’s no behaviour based on ridiculous, female-biased advice from articles in Cosmo or The Rules. Miss Frank will pick up the phone and ask you out. She will do what she says she will do, not say one thing and do just the opposite. Although she may be blunt at times, at least you’ll know where you stand. The good thing is that you’ll never have to spend hours trying to decode contradictory or emotion-based female behaviour.

Miss Independent

Miss Independent is a good woman to find if you don’t have a lot of time to invest in a relationship. Or if you’re the type of guy who needs a lot of space. Miss Independent has a real life of her own and is happily going in her own positive direction. She’s the type who wants a man in her life, but doesn’t need a man in her life. And she certainly isn’t looking for men to solve all her problems or to blame when things don’t go her way.

Miss Faithful

Miss Faithful never cheats on you. She’s never constantly on the lookout for a “better deal.” When you go out, she won’t be scanning the room for other guys. She’ll keep her attention focused on you, the man in her life. She’s also more apt to stick around if times get tough.

Miss No Pressure

Miss No Pressure has no hidden agenda about forcing your hand in marriage. She’s happy just to be with you. So you don’t get any, “Where is our relationship going?”, or hint-dropping about the future or window-shopping at the jewellery store. She may want to get married at some point, but she’s in no hurry. She thinks that if it happens, it will just happen naturally.

Miss Secure

Miss Secure accepts herself as she is and is comfortable with her good points, as well as her bad. And she feels the same about you. Miss Secure doesn’t need constant attention to shore up a sagging ego, has tons of self-esteem, and is always going in her own positive direction.

Miss Personality

Miss Personality is a great find. She might not be up for first prize in a beauty contest (although she could be), but her intelligence, wit and sparkling presence just light up the room. Consequently she draws people to her like a magnet. Her personality is so charming that it easily overcomes any deficiencies she might have in the looks department, just because she’s so great to be with.

Miss Low Maintenance

The rarest of the rare, Miss Low Maintenance is the most atypical of modern women. She really doesn’t care about how much money you have. She just likes you for yourself and not for what she can take from you. She’s likely to be a true feminist, and will gladly pay her share of the dating expenses. If you can find Miss Low Maintenance, hang on to her for dear life!

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