Basic Grooming Tips for Dating

Basic Grooming Tips for Dating

Basic Grooming Tips for Dating

When you’re out meeting potential new partners, there are some Basic Grooming Tips for Dating that you should follow. Here’s a few that will help you make your dating experience much more enjoyable.

For Him

A well-groomed man is not just appealing to women these days. In fact, being clean and well-groomed can give you that boost of self-confidence that will work magic on you and the people that are just waiting be charmed smitten by you. A clean-cut look can give you that extra lift; this wonderful feeling like you can take care of anything in your life. The confidence will just naturally flow. A well-groomed man is sexy. If you want to add that extra appeal to your personality, find out some men’s grooming tips to help you start transforming yourself into someone more appealing to women. Ever heard of GQ? Here’s the yellow brick road to a sexy new you.

The Beard

Always, always maintain a clean shave. Don’t let your beard grow beyond being unattractive. No woman would want to snuggle up next to a hobo and kiss a network of facial hair. Learn how to give yourself a clean and smooth shave. Among the important things to keep in mind when shaving is to do so after showering, while the pores are still open. Or you can place a facecloth in warm water, place it on top of your beard area for 30 seconds and then shave.

It is important to invest in a good quality razor and shaving cream. This will help you avoid having shaving bumps, annoying cuts and wounds that will end up as gross little patches of white on your face as you’re walking down the street.

The Hair

Maintain a good haircut, as well as clean hair all the time. Hair is a symbol of power. Of style. And so of course the female mind takes this into account as something that matters. A feat that is also one of the biggest deciding factors in attraction. Make sure that you have no dandruff and your hair is neatly trimmed. Itchy white flakes are a big no-no. Also make sure that the hair style you’re going to get is perfect for your face shape. Salons as well as barbers would know this as common knowledge.

Before getting a haircut ask them first which hair style is best suited for your face shape. The result is a big high-five and a better looking you. Avoid using too much grease or oily hair product on your hair as it tends to give your hair a grimy look and feel. Less is more. Just a little product, along with the right shampoo and conditioner, can go a long way.


Free yourself from unpleasant odors. This may be one of the basic things to keep in mind not only for those who want to be well-groomed but for every man and woman out there. Deodorants, foot powder and mouthwash are among the things that may help you stay squeaky-clean and fresh. Making sure that your whole body is clean is also one of the basics when it comes to men’s grooming tips to stay free from body odour. Scented body wash, as well as the right type of cologne and deodorant is key.

Body Hair

Observe proper body grooming. Although a little hair may be acceptable, you must know which is acceptable and which nasty, black curls must be kept away. Unkempt hair anywhere in the body that is not appealing, thus one of the men’s grooming tips to keep in mind is to invest in a good quality shaver or razor to trim those unwanted curls.

Although hair in your armpit may be acceptable, trim them if they are way too thick and unkempt. A little chest hair is alright but please do shave once it starts to resemble a bush. Trimming and getting rid of messy pubic hair is also recommended. In fact, getting rid of the hair down there can help prevent odours within those areas, as the hair locks in all the sweat and odour. Here’s another healthy reminder for all you fellas: Change your tidy-widies! If it ain’t white, it ain’t right.


Maintain clean fingernails and toenails. Dirty fingernails are always out when it comes to being attractive to women. Take time to clean your nails, a step that will always be in your best interest. Long, dirty sharp nails are so stone-age.

Have someone clean it for you or go to a salon for cleaning. It is common for men to even go as far as putting on some colorless nail polish to protect their fingernails. It is also quite endearing to women to think of men who take pride in presenting themselves as clean and well groomed.

These are the basic tips for Men’s grooming. Stick to these and I assure you, you’re going to be one hell of a catch!

For Her

When you’re out with your girl friends, look at the way they’re dressed and make a note of what you like about their sense of fashion, style and their trendy outfits. You’ll probably notice things like their fabulous vintage Sixties shift dress, bold geometric earrings, beautifully streaked urchin crop or elaborate eyeliner teamed with metallic eye shadow for a cutting-edge, feminine and glamorous look. It’s always fun to experiment with all sorts of make-up and play up your wardrobe with unexpected twists in your closet expertise. But it’s always good to stick to what you know; clothing that you’re comfortable with and make-up that contours your face just right.

If, however, you ask a man to comment on your mates’ attire, he’d probably point out ‘the one in the shapeless dress, her with the big triangles in her ears, that one with short boy’s hair and her mate with the scary gold eyes.’ Men see women’s appearances in a very different way from other women.

While ladies judge how a certain look works on someone, men are more likely to notice certain staples they find attractive or repellent, and ignore the rest. Be aware of the things guys always find it hard to stomach, as well as what will make you stand out in their eyes.

Too Much Make-Up

This doesn’t just mean foundation so thick you could chuck rocks at it. Men aren’t keen on very obvious make-up such as bright red lips or bold eye shadow. You could be wearing the most recent runway make-up looks and all they’d see is a blotchy face resembling some sort of wild tropical fruit. They prefer a bird’s eye view into the canvass of a woman, which is her face. They want to be able to see what a girl’s face looks like without a lot of paint on her skin.

What you think looks colourful, futuristic or vamped-up, they’ll see as obscuring your features, somewhat unattractive, and ill-fitting. Keep it classy. Only lay on the make-up during night outs or photo opts. Invest in High Definition Make-up to prevent layering on the make-up too thick. With this tip all you really need is a few clean swipes. You’ll be defined without having to be too overdone.

Come-Hither Eyes

Quiz any group of men on their favourite (non-sex-related) parts of a woman and the top response is bound to be ‘nice eyes’. Make the most of the’windows of your soul’ by dolling them up with eyeliner, highlighter and mascara to emphasise, contour and reshape. This also opens up the area, making your most beautiful assets shine forward. Keep it clean and go easy on the rest of your face, keeping the blush and lipstick to a minimum so the immediate focus is on your eyes. That should give them plenty to gaze into longingly… Don’t be afraid to dress up your peepers! But don’t go crazy over them. Know when and where to use the appropriate amount/ make-up look.

Whether it’s out and about town, or a hot night at a club, or a dainty wedding. You should always follow these codes, as well as remember: Make-up was made to enhance, not to make up for your whole entire face. Use meticulously.

For more tips beauty salons and magazines can cater to all your beauty mishaps and teach you more on what you want to learn more about.

Over-sized Jewellery

While adorning yourself with bold plastic necklaces, dangling chandelier earrings or fake bling, don’t think the fellas will love it as much as you do. Men get confused when you wear anything that doesn’t appear to be in proportion with your body – they don’t get oversized clothing, teased ‘big’ hair or six-inch platform heels either, because it doesn’t fit the contours of your figure if you don’t know which pieces compliment you best.

Of course, your figure is what they really want to be looking at. Invest in classic statement pieces that look good on you, as well as match your clothes and acts as a nice accent. Don’t go overboard because that just screams tacky.

Stroke-able Hair

Gelled crops and tightly structured curls may be cutting-edge hair chic, but running your fingers through them isn’t a pleasant experience. Men like long hair for a reason – it feels soft and silky in contact with their hands and skin. To get hair they’re aching to touch, make sure your hair’s clean, use an intensive moisturising conditioner once a week to maintain body and don’t use any harmful hair products that might damage your hair. Always consult an expert and resist the urge to do permanent make overs at home. It will only spell out disaster. A safe trick would be a bottle of good ol’ shine and/or hair mist. But if you’re a lady with limp hair and you’re looking for that extra touch of vavavoom-volume, then go for a light weight volumising formula. Great hair makes the fellas go wild.

Killer Heels

They look sexy, stated, sophisticated. The very definition of killer heels. But it’s called ‘killer’ for a reason. It’s hell on the soles! After a couple of hours, stilettos start to exert agonising pressure on soles, pinch toes and blister heels, causing much hobbling and moaning about wishing you’d never worn them.

Limping around in pain with blistered feet is not cute. Stick to comfier shapes if you know you’ll be dancing. Also, a bit of height goes a long way. Grab a pair of shoes that look hot without having to hurt. Go for sense, before style. The pumps with padding are very merciful on your little piggies.

Knee-Length Boots

These are a winner on both fronts – women love them because they look stylish with everything from short skirts to jeans, while men adore the suggestive naughtiness of a long boot. Wear them with tights, though – bare legs and sticky leather don’t go. A safe and sexy bet would be paring them off with your skinniest pair of jeans.

Loud Behaviour

There’s a world of difference between letting your hair down and dancing on the table after one too many shots of patron. Far from showing your playful side, such behavior is borderline rude. It will only intimidate and scare off men, since they prefer woman in more quiet, fun groups than the wild, loud ones.

Most men prefer the sort of woman that doesn’t seem likely to be able to drink them under the table, as well as the type that doesn’t get carried out of the bar for pesky behaviour. Know your limits and remember that public places aren’t your personal playground.


That one thing that could set you apart in a crowded room. The one thing everybody wants. The one that all our favourite style icons have in common is their ability to project an image of being entirely comfortable in their own skin.

A big factor of our admiration towards them. It’s undeniable attraction and swagger. It has to come off as natural. Don’t try too hard because I assure you, you will make a fool of yourself. If you look or behave as if you’re trying to attract a man’s attention, chances are you won’t. They don’t want to be with somebody who spends their time putting on an act.

Relax and take a breather and before you know it, there’ll be dozens of men hoping that you look their way. Roll your shoulders back, keep your chin up and your head held high. Nothing is sexier than confidence that can light up the whole room. Or a woman who could come off as so cool and yet down to earth. You’ll be sure to garner a few double takes.

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