Short Film on Domestic Violence

Scope of Practice – a short film on Domestic Violence. This is a great short film which has an unusual twist at the end. Well worth watching.


Watch what happens when a woman keeps secret the fact that her husband is abusing her, and what happens when someone who cares actually notices.

Women in violent relationships often feel too ashamed to mention what is going on to those around them, so they try to hide it and they lie to cover up for their husband or partner’s abuse. So too do men when it is the woman who is the abuser – even more so. There is shame in being abused, so they don’t speak about it, but even the best lies can’t hide the truth of what is going on from everyone.

In this film we see an ambulance officer who notices that the wife of a famous football player is being abused, and he questions why nobody is doing anything about it. There is too much investment in the football player… he is worth too much to his team to discredit him by exposing what he is doing to the public, and so people turn a blind eye to it all. But in the end the truth comes out. Watch this short film on domestic violence and enjoy as a just and fair ending to the story for once.

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a short film on domestic violence