The Saddest Loss of Christina Grimmie

The Saddest Loss of Christina Grimmie

The Saddest Loss of Christina Grimmie

12th March, 1994 – 10th June, 2016. R.I.P. This is the saddest loss of a beautiful soul.

Violence against women could never be more apparent than the senseless murder of the lovely Christina Grimmie. Knowing what I know about what goes on in the astral and spiritual worlds, I can only surmise that the guy who shot and murdered her was demonically possessed. There’s no other explanation for such a cruel act – it is the saddest loss ever.

Christina was living the dream of all young people – that of bringing happiness to others through doing what it is one loves to do. She had the most beautiful voice, and she could play the piano very skillfully. She shone intense creativity and was a true inspiration. I’ve listened to her recordings and it’s obvious that she was a devoted follower of Jesus, so this vile attack against her was also an attack against her most loved teacher, Jesus Christ.

She was a pure spirit, unpolluted by the fame that comes with having such a large following. She didn’t use her sexuality to gain her following, honouring the Divine Feminine within her by maintaining respectability at all times. She was bright and cheery, and shone the Love of Jesus every time she spoke or sang. She truly was a Light in the darkness of this world, a world that seems to want to be led by crud like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Ke$ha and Miley Cyrus whose example confuses and distorts the values and self-confidence of young women today. Christina Grimmie gave young women a decent role model to follow, which is so important for teenagers who look up to musicians and other celebrities for inspiration and motivation. She showed them that they didn’t need a record label to promote themselves – with a little courage they could put their own recordings on youtube and find recognition there.

Christina Grimmie was shining the Light of the Celestial worlds into this world, which is why I believe she was shot dead. These are the times written about in the Book of Revelation, and like the transformed lives of Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, there is none more powerful than the healing power of Jesus Christ in the hearts of those who want to turn their lives around at the final hour. There is a battle waging for the planet and the souls of those who live here, and the murders of people like Christina, Andrew and Myuran were acts waged in the spiritual war that is going on today. We are at an all time high of acts of violence against women, many of whom do not provoke the attack at all, and some who are simply standing up for their rights consequently get attacked for having done so.

Here is a link to a video of Christina singing In Christ Alone. It shows her devotion to her spiritual teacher.

It was only just a week ago that I was given a vision as to why there is so much violence in the world at the moment. The astral entities that feed off the pain that is caused by the violence and harm that hurts people, push for it to occur so that they can sustain themselves. They live on the fear, pain and anger of those whom they can cause these emotions within, so it is in their best interests to constantly create events that perpetuate their food supply. Although, it is a last ditch attempt to maintain their dominance in the world, because there are Celestial forces that will come along in the not too distant future who will sort out all the evil and put it where it belongs. Demons can only operate through humans, so those humans who don’t process their shadow will be eliminated by Spiritual forces that will cause a cleansing of the planet. Scum like the guy who murdered Christina Grimmie will be taken back into the arms of the Devil where they belong. I know for certain that he was welcomed at the Devil’s gateway when he took his own life.

Christina Grimmie, thank you for all that you did to inspire the world, and thank you for setting such a lovely example of what it means to be a proper young lady and decent human being to those who looked up to you for inspiration. I know that you can hear me from your place in Heaven, and I just want to say thank you.

~.* *.~

The Loving Heart Foundation does not condone violence of any kind. We advocate working towards healing and loving the self, in order to raise the consciousness of all of mankind. Christina Grimmie was doing exactly that. She was an inspiration to all young women today.

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