Protesting with Zero Self Respect

protesting with zero self respect

Protesting with Zero Self Respect

Today I was accused of encouraging rape culture because I don’t like the clothes – or lack thereof – that the protestors in this image are wearing. The rally that they were attending was to protest for a woman’s right to dress as she likes without getting raped. As you can see from the image above, these women expect to be able to dress in a provocative manner and not get raped. Their method of protest is counter-productive because they are giving mixed messages. Plus, the irony of this image is that nothing is more disempowering than protesting with zero self respect.

No Respect for Men

Firstly, these women are not showing respect for themselves. Secondly, they are not showing respect for men either, by dressing in this way. They show no comprehension of men’s biological makeup, in that men are driven by large amounts of testosterone. The male brain and body is wired to react when it sees something that stimulates it sexually. Then, once a man’s body begins to react, things could go either way.

The woman who dresses provocatively has an imagined form of power over the guy. I say ‘imagined’, because really, if he decides he wants to rape her, she has “buckleys and none”* of saying NO and him listening. If he’s got at least some level of self discipline and if he has been taught to respect women, then he’ll listen when she says no. But if he hasn’t, then nothing is going to prevent him from forcing himself upon her. Women should respect men’s biology and not place unnecessary pressure on a man by dressing provocatively.

She’s Just a Cock Tease

If women intend to dress like this, they cannot expect that they won’t be harmed. Especially by any man who sees their behaviour as an invitation to have sex with them. Back in the old days, women who dressed like this used to be called a cock tease. It’s a misuse of the female energy to do this – it’s energetically irresponsible.

A nasty woman joined the discussion and approached the debate from many, many different angles. She brought in irrelevant arguments and side-issues. It was obvious that she was attempting to get a reaction out of me or anyone that wanted to join in. I blocked her after our second interaction because I could see what she was doing and I didn’t want to give my energy away. Or rather, I didn’t agree to let her steal my energy.

What’s Pedophilia got to do with a Woman’s Right to Dress as she Pleases?

She brought in the topic of paedophilia, which is not what these women were protesting about. She introduced this topic in order to cloud the real issues, whilst hiding behind appearing to help a cause. But the majority of tactics used by people like this revolve around moving from one emotive topic to another in order to hide their tracks in emotion sparked discussion. What this woman was doing was that she was attempting to energetically link the reaction of one topic to another. This woman obviously comes from the emotional manipulation generation, who are quite demonically possessed. It’s usually the energies that are hitch-hiking them that are pushing to create a reaction, because they are the ones that benefit from causing a reaction. They get a ‘feed’ when they cause a reaction. The demonic entities feed off the pain, anger, annoyance or fear that they cause.

Programmed to Argue

A friend noticed that I had opted out of continuing to debate with her. We agreed that you can’t win any ground with these people because they are programmed. Facebook-er’s like this will do anything to win the argument. They have forgotten how to listen and how to self assess. Usually they learn these tactics in university hazing rituals. They will use ANY tactic to win the argument – it’s how they are programmed. In the process of trying to win, the truth suffers, as does moral integrity. I was well aware of what she was trying to do. That’s why I had blocked her.

If you find yourself in a similar situation it’s best that you do the same. The biggest part of a win for people like this is to get you to react. They want you to call them out for exactly what they are. Weird, but they consider this a win for them. They want to push a fellow facebook-er to the point where they lose their cool. It is highly possible that they are being trained this way (either overtly or covertly) through colleges in the US. These colleges want kids to have no boundaries and no loyalties aside from the ones that they program them with. A good Light Warrior doesn’t engage the enemy unless he truly has to – unless their safety or rights are being threatened, or it’s a life and death situation.

The Devil’s Tactics

The devil is a good salesman / marketer, and his aim to get a reaction from us to draw out our shadow. When you find yourself getting drawn into a heated debate, it’s not the one who you can see that you need to be careful of. Rather, it’s the horde of demonic entities behind them that you can’t see. They don’t attack full strength until they know that they have you (or think they do). These people seem to get off on the stimulation that a nasty debate gives them. On the surface their words are good, but there is a different spin on them. Walk away and save your energy for more productive things than fighting.
*”buckleys and none” is an Australian term that means no chance at all.

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