Recovering From a Broken Relationship

Recovering From a Broken Relationship

Recovering From a Broken Relationship

When a relationship comes to an end and two lovers have broken down to a mere part of each other’s past, it’s hard. From being together and in love to being alone and hurt, just friends if you’re lucky. It’s going to take a lot to get back on your feet again, but this article will help. The process of recovering from a broken relationship is made up of 5 stages. Each stage is vital if you wish to recover fully from your relationship. It might take several years or even longer, but recognising these stages will help you in Recovering From a Broken Relationship from your loss more effectively.


Here in this stage you finally come to terms with the end of your relationship. The break up is as real as the ground you walk on. You may feel hurt, helplessness and even hatred. It is completely understandable. But unhealthy if you don’t forgive later on. It is important at this stage to think things thoroughly and take things slowly and surely.

You might not be able to address them right away. So learn to focus on the happier side of life. Go shopping, check out a movie or hang out with your best buddies. Grill it into your head that you can survive a broken relationship. Sunshine is a surefire way to feeling a whole lot better. Go for a jog and get a work out from your heartache too! The reinvention process is a beautiful thing.

Let it Out

There is nothing healthy about keeping things bottled up. If you don’t allow yourself to forgive and let go, you won’t be able to move on from it. Do not let the bitterness consume you. Free yourself of the pain, grief and hurt. Don’t let yourself lose control of the situation. Shed those tears and pour out your frustration. Express yourself by any means necessary in order to get those choking emotions out of your system. And then let go.


You do not need to crawl under a rock and die. Allow people to help and support you during your recovery process. Spend time with people you care about. Do not run away from discussions about your broken relationship. Let them offer their opinions. However be cautious with the people whom you give this privilege, you don’t want them adding to your pain and sorrows.

You can do without the anger and vengeance. You don’t need it. Accept only positive feedback and encouraging words, good friends and great music and soul food. Order your favourite pizza and eat your heart out just because. Hold a sleepover or host a party to get yourself feeling a whole lot better.

Pamper Yourself

All the tears and late nights watching The Notebook and hate mail must end sometime. And now is finally the time to reward yourself. Don’t seek revenge against your ex. Rather make yourself happy by working out, having your facials done or going shopping with the girls. Reward yourself in a healthy and positive way. Remind yourself that life does not end with a failed relationship and that you deserve better.

Learn and Move On

This is where you begin to see the bigger picture. Learning from the mistakes of the past and making the most out of the present so you can do your best in the future. Here you understand why the break up occurred and what was responsible for the demise of the relationship. Now you can think back to all the times you two had before and not feel anything else but a fleeting sadness. You start thinking about the signs and something tells you that whatever happened, happened for a reason. And now you’re finally happy again. By now, you are indifferent to your ex and would have totally moved on to happier times in your life.

Know that it’s Over

Surviving a break up is never easy. But it is important that you acknowledge that the relationship is over and that all that’s left for you to do is grieve a little. But Dr. Seuss wants us to remember to smile too, because it happened. And during that point in time you two were happy. Allow friends and family to nurture you. Remember to pamper yourself and learn from your mistakes and you will be just fine. It can’t rain forever.

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