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Calling You – Tally Koren

Get Inspired by another wonderful music video by Tally Koren

Calling You – by Tally Koren

This video titled Calling You, inspires you to be yourself, to find your purpose, and to find that one man or woman who will complement you and help you grow and develop. Finding that one individual who is your partner on this journey called Life isn’t easy, and the most successful way to find the partner who is right for you is to first become the partner who is right for you. When you feel happy within yourself, and when you’ve made yourself ready to be with someone who is really special, not just someone who fills in the time or someone to have because you don’t want to be alone, then you can have the one that you feel will make your dreams come true. Continue reading

Daily Spiritual Improvement Plan

one day at a time

Spiritual Disciplines

The following set of guidelines can be found in Stuart Wilde’s book The Art of Redemption. All that I have done here is to list them so that you will be able to follow them quite easily. In a blog-post yet to come, I may quote various paragraphs from Stuart’s books so that you can read for yourself the wisdom of his words. Continue reading