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A Special Promise To Be There

a special promise to be there

A Special Promise To Be There

There are a thousand things that I would like to be for you, but one of the most important is just being someone you can talk to. There are so many things I would like to do for you and so many things I would like to say and give and share. It would take me a lifetime to list all the reasons why you are so important to me. But I would like to make a special promise to be there for you too. Continue reading

Jealousy is Not Necessary

jealousy is not necessary

Jealousy is Not Necessary

“What is jealousy? It’s the mind’s reaction to a loss of control, or the imagined loss of control. If you don’t have to control, you can’t be jealous, can you? Jealousy is a fascist emotion. In the realm of subtle feeling you will love your partner unconditionally. You won’t try to own them and they won’t try owning you. You will assist them to whatever is best for them in this life, even if that means they move out. Divorce is the result of unresolved control trips. Each hires a good liar and they enter a court that pretends to be interested and the control trip eventually gets sorted out. Continue reading

Loving Relationships

loving relationships

Loving Relationships

Author: Rasheda Abdulla

How many times have we imagined what it will be like to be in love? From how they look, what race or nationality they will be to how much money they will make. Oh we know.

Along with the aesthetics of our love to be, we know how we want them to act and in particular, how we want them to treat us. We want to be loved entirely. But while having standards for the type of person we want to spend the rest of our life with is extremely important, we have to remember that we must be willing to reciprocate the same type of expectation we have for our significant other. It’s not about 50/50 in love, but about 100/100. That’s how you have a truly loving relationship. How much we are willing to put in must be equal to or more than what we get in return. Finding someone that will love us unconditionally means paying attention to character, ideals and on what and whom they place value. But that is only a piece of the puzzle. Continue reading

Trust and Honesty

lies 2


In any relationship we must be able to trust if we want the relationship to work.

As women we often know when our man is lying to us – men seem to often tell lies to save having to explain themselves.

However, we too must earn the trust of our partner by demonstrating that we are trustworthy ourselves.

Tell the TRUTH!




Keep the Faith

deep pink roses


I know sometimes you feel like giving up. Every new day there’s seems to be no change in your life. All the troubles of your heart and worries keep on worsening! You wonder why everything is happening to you. You keep on asking yourself why you’re not lucky like other people. You keep on praying to God but so far He hasn’t answered your prayers. Now you have started losing hope. You now think that maybe your life was meant to be like that or maybe somebody cursed you. But I tell you what my friend? Your life wasn’t meant to be like that and you weren’t cursed. God is silent but He watches you day and night. He listens to your prayers and He has something special for you. Just stay strong, focused, and hard-working and keep praying to God. Bear it in your minds that you’re not alone in that hard situation, we are all in the same boat. So don’t give up my dear friend. Your time is coming soon!

Marilyn Toida

The Depth of a Woman’s Love

flower of life

Men are terrified of a woman’s depth of love and the energy that moves as a woman’s sexuality and emotions. And, at the same time, men want nothing more in this life than to merge completely with a woman’s devotional love and wild energy.

Only as a man outgrows his fear can he handle a woman’s tremendous love-energy without running. And only such a man is worthy of your devotional offering in a committed intimacy.

~David Deida~