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The Love of God

The Love of God

The Love of God

Stuart Wilde  September 10, 2010

The love of God keeps you safe but first this.

What we call God is a celestial light that gives rise to the myriad dimensions of heaven that are located inside the holographic fields-upon-fields. Every grain of sand has all the heavens and hells inside it. Continue reading

The Eternal Tao

the eternal tao

The Eternal Tao

by Stuart Wilde – April 3, 2007

The eternal Tao is the grace in all things. It is the living sprit from which the ten thousand things emerged. It has the power of a higher knowing for it perpetuates itself even in adverse circumstances. It is the digital-fractal order in all things. It is usually separate from you and antagonistic towards you until you love it and make a pact to join it. That pact comes from your higher mind for the intellect and logic can have no more than a fleeting perception of the Tao. Continue reading

Top Ten Ways to Change the System

Here are the wisest words regarding how to be the change we want to see happen in the world.

top ten ways to change the system

1. Shop local: boycott corporations and vote with your money.

2. Grow a Garden: eat Organic and build you community around food.

3. Become Self-Sustainable: become independent around food, water, electricity and money.

4. Protect the Children: don’t vaccinate, medicate or mutilate kids.

5. Go Homeopathic: use herbal remedies and refuse pharma prescription medicines.

6. Make your Family priority number One: families that eat together, stay together.

7. Self-educate: always home-school, & always teach & speak the truth in order to empower your kids.

8. Turn off the television: tune out to fear, propaganda and disinformation.

9. Return to nature: abandon the city life and return to Nature.

10. Love one another unconditionally: realise that we are all One.