Breaking Free of Ideas that Bind

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Often the reason that women stay in abusive relationships is because their mind keeps them there. Freedom is an inner thing, and if we are in an abusive relationship it’s because that relationship is merely a reflection of what is going on inside our own mind.  If you look around you in life, what you see is what you expect to see…. it all starts there.  So the question is, can I break free of this situation and mindset? you ask, and the answer is a very loud Yes!! Of course you can!

The mind takes alot to shift its thinking once you have gotten to a point where you have constant negative mind chatter.  The only way to heal it from that (because once things get to this stage your mind is actually suffering from a sickness), is to use affirmations, gamma meditations and binaural beats to help shift it back to a point where the majority of thoughts you think are positive.  There are many tools available for free on youtube that you can use to help shift your thinking.  There are lots of affirmation videos that can be downloaded as MP3’s that are full of positive suggestions to assist women to believe in themselves once more.  The mind is our biggest stumbling block.  If it isn’t used correctly it can become our enemy rather than our ally.

It’s also important not to allow the negativity of what is called “white noise” to affect us.  White noise is the television, the radio and the music that you buy and listen to.  White noise is often a tool of those in power who try to control the masses into subjugation, so it’s actually best to turn off or throw out your television, and don’t buy or read newspapers and magazines.  It’s through these things that we are exposed to ideas that drip into our minds and affect our expectations.  When we expect disaster it comes and finds us.  When we expect horror it too finds us.  Choose what you want to put into your mind – that is the best way.

The influences that I’ve mentioned so far are the influences that we can consciously do something about within a relatively short time.  The more covert mind training began in school though, in our history classes.  We were never taught the fact that many thousands of years ago society was matriarchal.  Almost all reference to that part of history has been eliminated from the edited and polished version of history that we are taught at school.  Instead we are taught about war and the conquering of nations by men…. we do not hear about the sacrifice of women throughout the ages, nor do we hear about how up until only quite recently societies were run by women and property and power was passed from mother to daughter.  Plus, almost never do we hear about how those societies worshipped a Mother Goddess, not a Father God.  History is taught now to train young, impressionable minds into following along.  Noam Chomsky, an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, logician, political commentator and activist, who is sometimes described as the “father of modern linguistics”, says “The whole educational and training system is an elaborate filter, which just weeds people out who are too independent, and who think for themselves and who don’t know how to be submissive, and so on – because they’re dysfunctional to the institutions.” I reckon it’s a good thing to be dysfunctional to the institutions if you ask me.  They do not have our best interests at heart. They want us to conform to their agenda.  There is much that is not taught to the majority of the population and is kept within those secret societies that hold the hidden knowledge of the world.  Even the Catholic Church has a vast library of information that would empower and assist us, but it is hidden in a huge room beneath the Vatican.  The powers that be don’t want us becoming too independent. Tut, tut – the slaves can’t be allowed their freedom now… that would never do.

Fortunately though, there have always been those women who refused to succumb to the ideas that have been promoted with the intention of restricting them, and have throughout the ages continued to accept themselves and the totality of who they are without having to have the approval of others. You too can reach that point. Look at recent heroines for example, like Princess Diana who worked tirelessly to assist those who would not normally have a chance in life. Despite her horrid circumstances of marrying into the ice-cold Windsor family, she showed warmth and kindness to members of the public whom the Windsors had previously distanced themselves from.  Princess Diana, even though she was born prior to the general accepted time of the Indigo children, was in fact one of the first Indigos.  She was so vastly different to everyone in that family that she was truly a gift from the Celestial worlds, born to change the destiny of the Royal House. She was heart centred, kind and caring, and this is why she was shunned by the Royals around her.  Fortunately, the gift that she brought to that family can now be seen in her sons who are much better human beings than their predecessors were.

Then there’s Megan Gale, the beautiful Australian model who always acts so dignified, and Cate Blanchette, Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minogue. Then there is our Governor General, Quentin Bryce who is such a dignified woman and has achieved so much.  Another woman I remember from a while back was Mary Rossi who raised I think 11 children who ALL went on to succeed and do well in life and who all grew up in the loving home that Mary and her husband provided, so Mary is a shining example of what women are capable of.  Then we have the chairwoman of the Violence Against Women Advisory Group, Libby Lloyd.  “Libby works tirelessly to end violence against women both in her voluntary and advisory capacities,” says Julie McKay, executive director of UN Women Australia,  “She has dedicated her life to achieving social change and continues to inspire me with her commitment, generosity and diligence.”

A notable Australian woman that I went to school with and who is now a barrister is Rena Sofroniou, and she is another fine example of what women can achieve if they want to.  All of these women have used their intelligence along with any other strengths that they have to create the life they wanted. I’m also a deep admirer of those women who choose motherhood over a career, because when motherhood is chosen and is lovingly done well, it is a true blessing to everybody that comes into contact with those women and the children that they raise. Healthy adults that came from a loving home are a true asset to society, and they owe it all to the mothers (and kind fathers) that raised them. Loving mothers are difficult to find, but for all those mothers who truly know how to love and support their children, I want to say thank you and well done 🙂

And last but certainly not least are all those women who grew up in a home full of violence and went on to break free of that pattern and find a kind and caring man.  For those women I salute you.  You are such an inspiration to us all: you are the silent achievers. The plight you had without any acknowledgement must have been so difficult to go through, and to come out healed and released from generations of abuse is such an incredible achievement. You are truly the heroines of the day.

It doesn’t matter what situation you were born into, you can create the life you want if you let go of the ideas that bind you.  Patriarchy and the people running the planet whose agenda it is for the general public to do certain things their way, who use the media as their mouthpiece when religion isn’t doing it for them, try to coral people to move in certain directions. The ideas, taboos and moral restrictions that they have tried to enforce have, for some women, felt like a stranglehold or prison. Fortunately, more and more women are pushing against these indoctrinations and are developing their own ways of thinking, because consciously and intuitively they know who they are and they believe in themselves. There are other women who came from terrible backgrounds yet have been lucky enough to find someone who believed in them for long enough that they began believing in themselves.

In the past, any woman who has tried to move forward assertively and with self-determination in patriarchal cultures has been frowned upon, since it meant that she was being either insubordinate or she became competition. We must remember that History has been re-written since men discovered that they played an active part in procreation, and much evidence that suggests that men once lived in a matriarchal society has been suppressed in an effort to control women. Thinking outside the current channel of thought is a big challenge for any woman who has been indoctrinated by the version of history that the powers that be want us to believe, but once a woman can do so she is then able to pivot around her own individual female identity. This ability to think for herself, combined with deciding upon and creating her own future, helps her to break free of the gilded cage that she’s trained to live in…..  and that’s a very good thing indeed, to break free.

released from the gilded cage