The Art of Seducing a Woman

The Art of Seducing a Woman

The Art of Seducing a Woman

To master The Art of Seducing a Woman is not rocket science or advanced algebra; anyone can achieve it if they are willing to spend the time and initiative needed to master it. The Art of Seduction is all about creating that magic spell called Attraction. The magnetic pull that’s got you lusting and craving. Here’s how it goes: To master the Art of Seduction you need to….

Create Attraction

Before any seduction can take place, attraction must be present. There are many things that will make a woman attracted to a man, such as confidence, humour, financial stability, self discipline which creates inner power… the list goes on. You must learn how to create attraction first before you can get down to it. Flirtation is a good one to start things off. Playing it cool and debonair works just as fine.

Start Seducing

Once you feel that she is attracted to you, you can now move on to seducing her with your words and body language. Subtle things like lingering eye contact or the touch of a hand to her cheek can set rockets off flying into space. Use your sense of humour to make her laugh, and initiate as many slight body contacts as you can.

Express Yourself with Body Language

You will need to make her know that you are interested in her right from the beginning. Make constant eye contact with her, and lean your body towards her while you are talking to her. Once she realises your intention and does not reject you, you can now move on to another level.

Bring Her to a Private Location

By this time, you can already assess whether or not you have successfully seduced her. If she is willing to move to a private location with you, your chance of success is there. Be more physically close to her by touching and caressing her. Planting kisses here and there will open her to wanting to get closer and more intimate with you. But don’t pressure her to do anything that she isn’t ready to do. If she says no, you’ll have to take her out on however many more dates it takes before she allows you into her innermost sanctuary.

Follow this basic blueprint whenever you want to seduce a woman. Remember, to master The Art of Seduction, consistent practice needs to be done. Do not give up when you are met with some rejections, just push on. Maybe you just aren’t her cup of tea. And hey, maybe she isn’t what you’re looking for anyway.

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