How to Define the Wrong Woman

How to Define the Wrong Woman

How to Define the Wrong Woman

We continue with our January articles on How to Court and Catch a Woman. Here we’ll look at the different types of wrong woman. The wrong woman will bind you up and bring you down, and you don’t want or need that. Becoming aware of the signs to look for is the first step in avoiding getting involved with the wrong woman. This article gives you tips on How to Define the Wrong Woman.

Miss Complicated

Miss Complicated is the kind of girl who always gets in with the boys. She is so easily attracted to the opposite sex. Miss Complicated is friendly and very passionate but when you ask her out, she stalls and never gives you a direct answer. She asks you to call her but when you call her she will not answer the phone she never makes the right decision. Miss Complicated loves to make commitments that she never keeps. She likes to try and play mind games.

Miss What She Wants She Gets

This type of woman is flirty, ambitious and spoilt. However, she is also very attractive, sexy and exquisite. Using her beauty to get what she wants, it’s her sex appeal that manipulates men. Not to mention her luscious personality that entangles and traps men. Occasionally she might be playing the devil’s advocate. Beware – she is gorgeous but dangerous. It’s typical of her to tempt and flirt, just to get what she wants. She knows how to control men and she knows how to play them. A woman like this can make a man to fall in love with her. She can make you cry and basically she can make you into something that you will regret at the end. A stunning beauty, but ever so controlling.

Miss Gold Digger

Miss Gold digger does not want to live without the luxuries in life. She loves jewelry, designer clothes, and expensive cars. It’s so easy for her to sleep with a man who is older than her by 50 years, because he has money. Money is the deciding factor in whom she dates. Described as a “femme fatale’, she invests a lot on how she looks because her looks are her greatest asset.

Miss Faultfinder

Miss Faultfinder is very hard to please and always finds fault in everything that you do. She is never wrong, because she never addresses her own mistakes. It is her way to constantly remind you of your mistakes. This vixen can pick a fight with you anywhere. She doesn’t care what people think about her and she always want to have the last say.

Miss Unstable

Miss Unstable constantly changes her mind. Inconsistent and unpredictable, she never knows what she wants. Her mind (like the weather) changes constantly and every day she has mood swings. She can be attached to you one moment and detached the next moment. Her emotions are unpredictable.

Miss Know-It-All

Miss Know-It-All knows everything. Everything, that is, which is of little consequence. She knows about the latest happening in the world of politics. All the actors and actresses in Hollywood are known by her. She likes current events and will become your “walking Newspaper”. She is more interested in your achievement than in you, and questions your thoughts to the point of being provocative.

Her single-minded enthusiasm will irritate you as she always pursues intellectual matters. It’s exciting to her to debate and she won’t ever stop until someone says, “She is smart”. She will tell you about your own duties, responsibilities and your own rights. While doing that she will discuss the matter as if she’s the expert, even though she isn’t. In terms of the law, don’t bother to bug her; she will definitely talk about it unendingly. She’s the nerdy-nerdy type.

Miss Know-It-All doesn’t welcome being corrected. Irritation will come to her if someone wants to question her about something that she doesn’t know. She wants to know and she will know because she has the ability of knowing and she has the instinct to know.

Now that you know the right kind of woman versus the wrong kind of woman, make the right choice before you begin courting.

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