Approaching Her

Approaching Her

Approaching Her

You probably have a woman in mind that you want to woo or maybe you don’t and you just bump into a woman and you were instantly attracted to her, the first thing you would want to do is to have a conversation with her. I have noticed that most men find it difficult to approach a woman and initiate conversations with them. Here’s how you should go about Approaching Her.

Initiating Conversation

Initiating conversation with a woman is a big challenge for most men. Some are unsure of how to do this in a respectful manner without sounding rude to the woman. Some can hold their own once the ball starts rolling. Then again, some cannot converse with a woman at all because they are too shy or timid. While some find it hard to communicate at a casual level with other people (men and women included). And yet they feel very comfortable talking about topics such as football, politics, science, religion etc.

First Impressions

When approaching a woman the most important thing to keep in mind is that first impressions are priceless. They are established within the first three seconds after you introduce yourself. This means that there is no room for error. You should also know that chatting up a lady is not like in the movies. You can’t just walk up to a girl and drop some cheesy one liner, and expect her to be in your bed the next morning.

Don’t use pickup lines because they make the lady feel cheap and it destroys the conversation. Plus it’s hard to think of what to say afterward. Instead, start with innocent small talk, and you will have a base to build an interesting conversation on.

Give Her Your Full Attention

The best method is to focus all your attention and energy on the woman before you. Then behave as if nothing else exists in the world. Focus on what the woman needs and not what you need. For instance women are a creature of drama, and will prefer a soap opera to a sport game.

Be Yourself

Women sense and are turned off by insecurity, so make sure you look and act confident. Groom, dress, move, and pursue like a man who is secure with women and with himself. Be yourself don’t fake it.

Start by first talking and later making friends with the one whom you think is special. Most people don’t like to jump straight into a relationship, especially girls. Find a reason to talk to her. Make sure that she wants to talk to you. Just talk about something that keeps the conversation going.

Be yourself and don’t lie just to get to a special woman’s heart. If she finds out later when you’re in the middle of a deep relationship, she will leave for good. Let her know that you like her. Beyond the cheesy sending a note through a friend, talk to her about something that you both have in common.

First Dates

If you are meeting the woman for the first time strike a conversation with her and let her know that you admire her. Let her know that you want to get to know her better. Introduce yourself and ask her for her name and number. If she is interested in you she’ll ask for your number too. If she doesn’t don’t despair. She might be the shy type or the type that believes that it is a man’s duty to do the chasing.

Tell her that you’ll call her but don’t tell when. Make sure you call her as promised and ask her for a date.

Deciding Whether to Continue

You might find that after the first two dates what you expected was not what you got. Or you might find out that she is not the kind of woman you would want to have a permanent relationship with. Let her know that you could just be friends, or break it off. Don’t toy with her feelings. Why? Because if you go on a date with a woman more than twice, she concludes that you are having a permanent relationship with her.

Let Friendship Blossom into Love

Maybe you have been friends for sometime and suddenly you realise that you want more than friendship. Let her know the level you want your friendship to get to. Don’t nurse your feelings for her in secret or assume that she wants the same thing. She might be romantically involved with somebody already or she might not want more than friendship with you.

Probably she wants you too but does not want to cross the boundary of friendship. Talk with her, tell her how you feel. Act fast before someone beats you to it. Don’t be like these two who are described in the next article…

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