The Eternal Tao

the eternal tao

The Eternal Tao

by Stuart Wilde – April 3, 2007

The eternal Tao is the grace in all things. It is the living sprit from which the ten thousand things emerged. It has the power of a higher knowing for it perpetuates itself even in adverse circumstances. It is the digital-fractal order in all things. It is usually separate from you and antagonistic towards you until you love it and make a pact to join it. That pact comes from your higher mind for the intellect and logic can have no more than a fleeting perception of the Tao.

She is feminine and strong and she cares for what is hers. To say the Tao is simple is an understatement but she is complex as well for she is vast – bigger than the universe in which we observe her. She watched when the first child was born and she will be there when the last human dies. She was there when the white tiger left the mountains to drink by the river in the valley below and she was watching when the humming bird rose in the air to fly over the houses of those humans that had asked to be shown more.

Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow
Napoleon’s Retreat from Moscow

She was present when 691,501 men of Napoleon’s Grand Armée marched to Moscow on June 23rd 1812 and she was there when a while later when just 22,000 returned. She cried for the human spirit – its ugliness troubled her greatly. You see, many of the men had no boots with which to march across the snow and the horses died of starvation, it wasn’t their fault they were loyal, their deaths did but please her.

The Tao: She was there when you were conceived and she will be with you when you take your last breath and she will count to make sure that none were missed…

When you are scared and sad and lonely perhaps you should go to her and stay in her arms a while. For she is the mountain mist and the dew on the magnolia tree, she is the song of the grass and the hopes of rabbits.

She is tender more tender than us, we can learn a lot from that.

© Stuart Wilde 2007