Moving On to a New Relationship

Moving On to a New Relationship

Moving On to a New Relationship

A breakup is painful and difficult to deal with on so many levels. The end of a close relationship, an intimate friendship, the dreams that were shared with the significant other are just few things which are lost. Moving On to a New Relationship without the trauma of the one past can only be done when you’re ready.

You may reflect on some of these points:

Your ex no longer occupies your thoughts constantly.

You cannot move ahead with a new partner if you are mentally focused on someone else. During a breakup your main thoughts are occupied by the ex. Thoughts like what could have happened, and what if things were somehow different. Also, what if you had not made a mistake, what if there was something you should have said? Once these thoughts of your past relationship have slowly faded, it will no longer be the primary force in your life.

You no longer get all worked up and upset when dealing with your ex. 

There will surely come a time when dealing with your ex will become easier and much less emotional. You will be dealing with just another annoying man or woman.

You have stopped trying to please your ex.

Once a breakup has occurred all obligations to please your ex partner are over. You no longer do the special things that you used to do for them. Favours like washing the car or doing the laundry are no longer obligatory.

Your conversations with friends do not include your ex anymore.

We all tend to think and speak about the most important things in our lives. If you are no longer talking about your ex it means that you can move on.

The romantic feelings are all gone.

We all harbor feelings towards our ex just after a breakup. When they subside it means that you have recovered considerably.

You can accept the fact that your ex may have a new romantic partner.

There is not a feeling of jealousy because the emotional tie has worn off.

You no longer get angry at your ex. 

During a breakup one feels intensely angry. When former partners no longer evoke anger, one has become detached emotionally.

You must wait and reflect till you get over some of these feelings and attachments. Everyone goes through them and it’s only natural. One must be hopeful and have a positive approach to life.

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