Romantic Love and Pre Commitment

Romantic Love and Pre Commitment

Romantic Love and Pre Commitment

Love figures in a big way in everyone’s lives. Some dream about it, some romanticise it and others deny it. But it is an ‘always in vogue’ topic of discussion. Even though the one ‘right’ partner theory might be a myth, it does not mean that there is not more than one right partner for you. Here’s what to expect of Romantic Love and Pre Commitment.

The X Factor

So how does one define that all encompassing ‘right’ factor in a partner? Well perhaps it is defined as a kind of compatibility that allows you to flourish and thrive in each other’s company. It is most likely the quality of the compatibility that makes a couple a solid team. It is not the individuals involved but rather, how those individuals blend together, that makes them right for each other.

Such bonds are established on far stronger stuff than mere attraction, though this is a large and significant part of it. Strong bonds are based on simple facts of common ideals, dreams and beliefs.

The Early Stages of Devotion

There has always been a tendency to exalt the entire notion of love in all mediums – literature, television or theatre. These mediums focus entirely on that early phase of devotion: passion and jubilation. However, this stage in real life is short in duration. As soon the high is gone and matters more practical have to be handled, the fire dies down.

So, if one mistakes this initial stage of exhilarating romance for the real deal then they can be misled and disappointed. Yet this romantic phase serves a good purpose in reminding the couple of the potential that this relationship can possess when bad times are nigh.

Desperately Seeking Happiness

Happiness today has become such a sort after commodity that people will do and believe anything for that. They will agree to any terms so that they never have to feel pain, be hurt or get disappointed. That is why they are ready to jump at and grab any partner who comes along. They don’t seek to find the right one. They take anyone and try to make the relationship work anyhow.

Easy Exits

That is why so many people today are in a pre-committed state. They are not married but are going out only with each other. This makes sure that no matter what, they have the right to exclusivity with each other. But if it does not work out, they are free to go their own ways without dealing with an otherwise messy divorce.

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