How the Decent Guy Wins the Girl (part 2)

How the Decent Guy Wins the Girl

How the Decent Guy Wins the Girl

Welcome to this follow-up article to the one written a few days ago.  Here we’ve been talking about how decent guys can find their loving partner and not end up on the shelf. So read on and find out How the Decent Guy Wins the Girl.

We have already talked about the first requirement, which is that you must firstly be a woman’s friend. If you want to build a strong relationship, firstly be her friend. The second requirement if you want to win the heart of a lady is just as important. You need to have goals and strive to achieve them.

If you (as the man reading this) were a woman, would you want a man who isn’t doing anything with his life? Absolutely not! Then why do men make this huge mistake in thinking that women will settle for an unmotivated man who is not improving himself?

I don’t care what you think but having great sex will not keep a woman satisfied for long. Trust me when I tell you there must be more than hours of passionate lovemaking. Otherwise, you will be in big trouble with the ladies!

Handle Your Money Wisely

Remember, around thirty years of age many women desire to settle down, have kids, get married and hopefully live their dreams. A woman cannot see the dreams coming true with a decent guy who treats her well, is compatible and satisfying in the bedroom, but doesn’t make enough money to support a family. A woman knows stress and problems will definitely follow if she allows herself to get involved with such a man.

I’m not saying a woman’s focus is on money. Yet, she doesn’t want to have a partner only to suffer together when she could suffer alone. So, in theory, a woman believes when she settles down with a man that the combined income should make things a little easier than if she was by herself. You can split the pain and bills with a woman but have double the pleasure and fun! That’s the bottom line!

You don’t have to make a lot of money but it would be nice. You don’t have to have thousands in the bank but it would be nice. You don’t have to afford a house but it would be nice. You don’t have to have a goal to be wealthy or rich but it would be nice. All that you need to do is live within your means and budget your money well. Just make sure you can meet her needs, make her life a little easier and she will truly appreciate you.

Be the Tortoise, Not the Hare

As a decent guy, you should have achieved most of your goals and have a good income. While the women were discarding you and going for the guys they thought were fun (or going for bad-boys) you should have been busy pursuing and achieving your goals. If not, you wasted a golden opportunity to stand out from the crowd later on in life!

Be Fun and Outgoing

It should be noted that when women overlook a decent guy it’s usually because he is, or looks, boring and just doesn’t appeal to them. It’s not a reflection on you as a person as much as women wanting to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Just because you are a decent guy is not the reason why women don’t want you. That is ridiculous! If I have to be honest here, I would say you are plain and predictable.  There are thousands of decent guys who date beautiful women that are fun and unpredictable.

I’m not saying you can’t be predictable. Just change up and get a little daring at times. Live on the edge sometimes. Do things that are out of the ordinary for you that won’t be too irresponsbile. Just have fun!

So, take an honest look at yourself and determine if you present the image you desire to get the women you want.

Be a Stronger Man

Let me give you an example. My friend revealed to me she couldn’t stand a man who doesn’t have a backbone. She was always taking advantage of, and walking all over, men. She wants a man to be “manly” and take control sometimes. When another friend said to her that she had met her match, she replied, “I hope so because I need a man who will stand up to me. I’m tired of getting my way. It’s not fun!”

Do yourself a favor if you don’t have a backbone get one quick. Being a decent man doesn’t mean that you should give in to the wants and desires of the women you like or love. Please stand for something. If a woman leaves you for standing up for what you believe in then she wasn’t for you anyway.

Get a Stable Life

As a decent guy, by the time you reach thirty you should be living comfortable. And you will begin to look like a good catch. You will have the “stability” and “security” factors that a lot of women look for when selecting a mate.

However, that doesn’t mean women will want you. You must have your act together, not have any emotional or psychological issues and hidden agendas. A woman does not want to deal with your problems when you could have dealt with them on your own before you met her.

Becoming a Bad Boy Doesn’t Work

Oh yeah, you’re probably wondering, “What happens to the guys who got all the women when I couldn’t get any?” Well, nothing happens to them. They will still be there. However, the women will wake up and realise that having a long-lasting relationship with them just won’t work. Especially if the men didn’t grow and mature. Most of them were players, cheaters, superficial and self-centered. Not to mention the fact that they can’t settle themselves enough to be with just one woman.

Believe it or not many of them will be decent guys who converted to the Bad Boy” in hopes of getting more women! The sad part is while they may have gotten more women they cannot keep them.

Decent Guys Start to Win

Once the women see you and realise that being a decent guy who might be a bit shy is not bad after all, you begin to look damn good and sexy too! Of course be careful because you need to identify what they want and need from you. And that’s where being their friend comes into play!

The average man often overlooks the final piece. Yet, as a decent guy it is something you should be able to do with your eyes closed. Read the next article to find out what the third important requirement is winning the heart of a lady when you’re a decent but shy guy.

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