How Decent Guys Can Win a Heart (part 3)

How Decent Guys Can Win a Heart

How Decent Guys Can Win a Heart (part 3)

Women want a partner who can hold a conversation on any topic and not always talk about sex and sports. Here’s how Decent Guys Can Win a Heart. So if you’re a decent guy, read on….

If you don’t already know, many women are emotional and express it by conversing. If you didn’t hear what I just said, they get their emotions out by TALKING. You won’t believe the number of women who are starving for stimulating conversation. It’s an epidemic that’s growing with the lack of quality men.

Male escorts make thousands of dollars by taking women to dinner, a company function and holding a decent conversation. If you don’t believe me ask a male escort, What do women want from men? His answer will blow you away! That’s how simple it will be!

Don’t get me wrong – they do have sex with most of the women who hire them. But the majority of women just want company and companionship.

Believe it or not, a man who can be friends with women, have goals, strive to achieve them, show progress and can hold a decent conversation is a turn on for a lot of women.

However, when you decide that you want to be with her, don’t stop being her friend. Don’t stop communicating. Don’t stop doing the things that brought you two together.

If you decide to apply what you have just read knowing that you are a scoundrel and are only interested in having sex with as many women as possible, it will backfire on you. One or all of your women friends may physically hurt you!

What Women Want

Women are happy to have men in their lives who will do these things – listen, talk on any topic, and not pressure them for sex. If you’re a guy who can do that, you should be boasting about it to everyone. Don’t worry if people tell you that you’re conceited. That is far from the truth.

There is a limited quantity of quality men available to women. If you’re a real man then you have a whole lot to offer. In comparison to other men you are in the minority and in demand.

You don’t go around meeting women just for the sake of it. Even if you are not involved in a relationship with anyone right now, it’s great to have friends and focus on achieving your personal and professional goals.

You may find that many women tend to write you off as “not being their type.” Which you should try to be cool with that because as you know, you can’t please everyone. It will always be the woman’s loss if they don’t want to talk to you because they think you aren’t their type.

Don’t Rush Things

It is easier for a man to meet a woman who meets his needs than it is for a woman to meet a man who can meet her needs. Knowing this should allow you to relax, take your time and be very selective with whom you decide to share your limited time with.

Therefore, see yourself as the prize simply because there is a demand for quality men who are responsible, motivated, goal-and-family-oriented and so much more!

Here’s the bottom line! If you know yourself and know what you bring to the table you can become more confident when talking with women (not arrogant). Only men who don’t know themselves and lack confidence worry about what women will think of them. Those with confidence truly don’t care what women think of them.

This confidence, while a turn off for many women, will also attract women to you. Just make sure you can back up what you say. Otherwise, you will be in trouble.

Implementing The Concepts

Now, there may be a few guys who have have problems approaching women. They may not have the opportunity to apply the concepts. If this is you, you need to try the concepts in the next article which will be along in just a few days.

You should be warned though that it’s a very simple, easy-to-implement method that really works. If you choose to ignore it that’s on you. But if you want to meet that one special lady for a permanent relationship, then you need to give these tips and ideas a go.

Look for our next article for how to approach a lady!

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