How Decent Guys Can Win a Girl (part 1)

How Decent Guys Can Win a Girl

How Decent Guys Can Win a Girl

There’s a misconception that shy, decent guys finish last! This is far from the truth. It’s true that in their youth decent guys experience a life of being overlooked by the women whom they desire. Usually, because of their shyness, they just muck things up much of the time.  However, it’s just a learning phase that they go through until they find themselves. Generally, that phase occurs between the ages of twelve through thirty. It can, and sometimes does, last longer. Here’s How Decent Guys Can Win a Girl.

Following are ways for you to overcome the obstacles when you haven’t yet discovered who you are. You won’t finish last if you take on some of this advice! It’s not as complicated as you think. Actually, it’s rather simple really. If you are a decent guy who tends to be a little shy, it will give you hope that things can and will work out for you when it comes to dating women.

There are three requirements that will assure that you are at the head of the line when women begin to pick their life partner. In this article, we’ll discuss the first one. The requirements, while considered small things, are very, very, very important. We’ll discuss the other two in the articles following.

More Women Than Men

There’s a worldwide trend that’s been ongoing for at least two decades. There are more girls being born than boys. That means there are more women than there are men. This may not be important to you right now but it plays a huge role as to why decent guys finish first and not last!

It is usually around thirty years of age that women begin to contemplate their future regarding marriage, kids and settling down. Unfortunately, at that stage in life many men are either in gaol, on or abusing drugs, are gay, dead or as lazy as hell. That leaves women with a small selection of men. And that is a best-case scenario!

This plays into the hands of the decent guys! When women are left with such limited options they either:

  1. Reconsider their semi-false criteria for men, or
  2. Give up on finding a man

What Do Women Need?

As a decent guy, there will be hundreds of beautiful, sexy and intelligent women that will consider talking with you if you possess most of the qualities that they need. Don’t assume that you can get any woman you desire without having your house in order. No sane woman wants a man with more problems and issues than she has.

The question is, “What is it women need?” Unfortunately, many women don’t know what they need or want. Yet, you can be around when they figure it out.

You do this by meeting the first requirement…..

Become their Friend

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “I’ve been in that position before and the women always went out with someone else.” Yes, that may have happened in the past. But today is a new day! The women are older; their biological clock is ticking, they’re looking to settle down and the quality of men is dwindling.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying women are desperate. Many of them just want to be happy with a man who will love them, is responsible, assist with the household chores, bring home the bacon and don’t mind frying it in the pan too! Basically, women want a partner to share their life with who is on the same page as them.

As their friend, you get to learn more about them, what they like, dislike and discover how compatible you are with them. And the beautiful part is you are free to be friends with as many women as you desire. Therefore, you get a larger selection of women and can decide who closely matches your lifestyle and can meet your needs.

Be Sincere in Your Efforts

The key is to be sincere in your efforts to get to know the women you are interested in. Your purpose should be to determine the best woman for you and then focus your attention on that one woman.

If you use the guise of friends as a way to manipulate and get women to sleep with you it will backfire. It may not happen today but trust me, something will go wrong. Whatever you do it’s not a good idea to lead women on. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Don’t ever forget that.

Now here’s the fun part! As you get to know the women and they get to know you a few of them will begin to stand out from the crowd. Yet, there isn’t a rush to pick one until you are sure of what you want and need. Have fun, go out, experience new things and enjoy your time with the women!

Be Immaculately Honest

It is also a good idea to be very honest with the women. Let each one know that you have other female friends as well. Don’t hide anything! Give each woman the option to continue to talk with you or not if they don’t like the idea of you having other female friends. You’re not sleeping with her, so she should realise that you’re probably not sleeping with any one of them either.

This works in your favour and provides you with three benefits!

  • First, the women who continue to talk with you will appreciate your honesty, as it’s something they rarely get from men.
  • Second, the women who don’t stay save you from wasting your time and probably wouldn’t be a good match for you.
  • Third, if you are sincere in getting to know the women and do not sleep with them, it shows they can trust you to be around other women and not have sex. I cannot stress the importance of this benefit.

Remember, there is a shortage of men in the world. So, if the woman you pick knows she can trust you it’s a plus and will go a long way in eliminating many issues that could have popped up in the future.

How To Earn A Woman’s Trust

For example, I have a friend who was attracted to a lady whom he was friends with. She knew that he was interested in her. Yet, nothing happened between them for over a year. When he ended a relationship with the lady whom he was in a relationship with, it opened the door for the possibility of he and his friend to spend time with each other and have fun!

His being honest, upfront and not making a move on her when he already had a lady gained her respect and trust. If the friendship between them develops into more, she knows that he would not do anything to jeopardise their relationship, like be unfaithful.

Being friends, honest and trustworthy is only one part of the puzzle though…. there are two more vital pieces of the puzzle that you need to get right. Look for our next article to find out what the next piece in the puzzle is. It will be published in a few days time.

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