Dating Tips for Decent Guys (part 1)

Dating Tips for Decent Guys

Dating Tips for Decent Guys

Here in this article we show you how you can approach a lady to start up a conversation with her when you first would like to introduce yourself. Most decent guys find it very difficult to walk up to a lady and start chatting. Especially if she’s beautiful. So here we’ve put together some Dating Tips for Decent Guys, and there’s more in the article following.  

How To Approach Women

The very first thing you need to do is identify the woman you desire to talk too. You must be able to observe her for at least five minutes before approaching her. This is going to assist you to figure out what you should talk about with her.

Let me explain. If you’re interested in someone at work you’ll know which guys also like her and attempt to talk to her. The same is true if you go out to a bar, club, movies, etc.

Your goal is to notice her reaction to the type of men that approach her. Pay particular attention to her body language. That’s very important. She will subconsciously tell you which of the men she’s interested in.

For example, if a woman is talking to a man she’s not interested in she:

  • May not smile a lot
  • Tend to look around
  • Doesn’t make eye contact
  • Positions her body in a way to end the conversation
  • Just walks away
  • Shake her head side-to-side
  • Puts her hand on her hip, etc.

Please do not stare at the woman. I said “observe” which means make eye contact briefly. Then smile and go on about your business for the next five minutes while taking a peek at her when she’s not looking.

What you will find is the most beautiful women in any environment tend to attract the idiots. Want to know why? The idiots don’t care what the women think about them. They want her and will do whatever it takes to get her.

Unfortunately, their approach is all wrong but you should always give them an “A” for effort since few, if any, of the decent guys take the chance.

Don’t Be Desperate

The worse thing you could do is look like a man who needs a woman. You will be lonely for a very long time. Don’t ever beg a woman to talk with you, and don’t ever follow a woman around. Don’t be sneaky by getting hold of her phone number and calling her when she didn’t give you the number.

The best way to get a woman is to appear to be in control of your life and not need one. Now this is a deadly double-edge sword here.

If you appear to be someone you’re not and can’t live up to the expectations that you set,  the woman will tell you in a few weeks, “You’ve changed.”  Which leads into additional problems that you could have avoided. So, it’s important to be you – just not so darn desperate looking.

Here’s What To Do

Let me give you an example. If you see a woman whom you like, approach her and hold a conversation. Do not exaggerate anything related to your life and don’t say things that are not true. Don’t mentioned any plans that you know may not come true. In other words, just be honest about yourself without sounding like a lonely guy.

For example, you might say, “I spend a lot of time on the computer running my online businesses and a single parent raising my two children. So, that leaves me little time to go out with women. Plus, I don’t like to splurge too much as I invest my money in my children and businesses.”

What did you noticed about that comment? It doesn’t sound boring. Most decent guys would have said, “I spend most of my time alone, surfing the net, meeting people, playing games, creating web sites, et.” That sounds like a person with social problems. It doesn’t matter if you like doing that stuff but it won’t sound like fun to the woman.

So, be careful how you present yourself to women. Especially, if she’s a beautiful one.

What To Say

Has this ever happened to you? You see a woman you like, stare at her, but don’t say anything for a while. Then one day, probably after a few weeks for months, you make your move. Unfortunately, she turns you down and you feel bad.

I’m not sure how to tell you this but you screwed up! By staring or checking her out too long, you gave her the impression that you weren’t assertive and you lacked confidence.

How does she come to this conclusion? Other men have approached her within a few seconds of seeing her. Although, she may not like them she does love the attention.

I just gave you a key element in talking with women….they love attention. But they don’t want it from everyone. So, your initial approach should be simple and unique.

Start a Conversation

Depending on the situation and the women, you should say something like following that will lead into a conversation:

  • I like that outfit you’re wearing. The colour goes well with your complexion and smile. (you better be sincere)
  • Are you always rushing? When do you make time to relax?
  • That hairstyle really looks good on you. You should keep your hair like that!

Very simple wasn’t it? Nothing fancy. And that’s the problem with most decent guys … you make things too hard when they shouldn’t be.

Look out for the next article with more tips on what to do when you’re out dating.

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